Brie Larson DLC - Believe It!

It’s coming, and you fuckers with grandparents working at the Illfonic offices know it!

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What does Brie Larson have to do with Predator?

Brie Larson …FT Member!
Fonzie from happy Days …on the FT!
Alan Thicke too!

+1 for Fonzie though.

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Good Lord, not Brie Larson. She’s a charisma black hole. She’ll be lecturing the Predator about toxic masculinity, barking at her teammates that she doesn’t need reviving or covering fire…please, for the love of all that is still sacred keep that vapid wench away from Predator completely.


Booshben you sound like you know something we don’t…it isn’t Brie Larson is it. Does it start with a B and end with an L? And how do you know this?

I am officially …confused.

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That face🤣🤣🤣

Nothing more, nothing less.


Maybe its Braille son

Maybe it’s Maybelline

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The guy whose grandpa works as a cleaner at the Illfonic offices told me.

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I like Brie Larson…

If he had an accent, then he must have been saying somethingg else. Brie Larson isnt in the franchise…so you must have heard wrong.maybe

Maybe he said “Bringing in the shine” as he scrubbed the bathroom.

Well who doesn’t like brie Larson?

Disney owns Predator now. Can’t you see a women-only movie coming? Hey it worked for Ghostbusters 2016, right?


Ghostbusters didn’t suck because it had a cast of women, it sucked cause they didn’t know what story they wanted to tell.
I mean if you want to appear to be a misogynist, that’s your choice but arbitrarily blaming the girls isn’t a good look.

Booshben wasnt trying to be misogynistic…cmon…Slasher Clone dont stir the shit.

Not like he said something to the effect of …they should ghost busted in the bed room…or in the kitchen

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It was green-lit because the studio thought a movie predicated on the idea of female (and only female) ghostbusters would be popular for audiences. The story came last… right behind product placement, fanbase bashing, aggressive feminist rhetoric and plain reliance that people would buy into it because it was such a well-loved franchise.

Disney seemed to follow the equation of Loved Franchise + Minimum Effort = $$$$$$$ with another once popular franchise I recall.

Like them, Predator will probably follow, if 2018’s iteration wasn’t bad enough.


The Original Predator was really a mans movie.Guys night out flick. I won’t be surprised if they are that desperate to make money off a demographic that they would do an all woman cast…it all depends on the perspective and the writing. …hell i didn’t even know Underwater or Annihilation had a female main lead for the entire film because its just not that obvious. In the end “one stands alone”…is basically the premise and Alien was like that too.

I like those kind of chase movies… like Jaws, The Terminator, The Thing…

Just make movies good. Please.

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