Bring back Jungle Hunter 87

My 8 year old loves this game and playing with his Dad. Want to get more money out of me add more DLC. My son is super disappointed that Jungle Hunter 87 isn’t available now. We just discovered this game, so no hope of pre order.


A. People on here hate when people ask for JH as dlc

B. They are contractually obligated to not rerelease since it was advertised as an exclusive

C. The exclusivity adds value to the skin


Yo no pude hacer el pedido anticipado y también lo quiero!

I couldn’t pre-order and I want it too!

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Tough luck. I don’t have it either but it was exclusive to preorder and it should stay that way.


So yeah the Value is what is really important if anything!

  1. I Feel it coming

  2. It might bring non-pre-order players back to the game! Big If tho since the game is broken

  3. I hope they dont lol. Cause if they do Le-Mentalist wins lol



At the end of the message from OKH it says and I quote “And sorry, AFAIK Jungle hunter is staying preorder bonus”


Indeed it does, but when was the last time Illfonic kept their word

Why are you trying to help the opposition


Because I don’t give a fuck anymore


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The mask is obtainable from the Field Lockers.

Sine 87 can’t be re-released they provided an alternative in the Elder Predator class. And if it makes anyone feel better the Elder from Predator 2 (which this is based on) was litterally built from a Jungle Hunter. It’s a free unlock at level 150.



The only way to get him now is either buying the right game version for PS4(they still seem to be floating around), buy one of those JH Keys on eGay or Hacking.

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I love how people project their thoughts onto their children


It’s for the kids man

Also told you op

I say release it. This game blows anyways

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Damn. We went a good while their without a JH thread.

James Cameron understands the desire but it has to be a no. It was a gift for those who pre ordered.


Sorry to hear that, Hoss. BUT!.. play lots of FT private matches to seach for VT, open lots of lockers and you may get the JH or Elder mask early. That ain’t bad. Also, if you level up all the way, Elder is unlocked and his mask looks just like JH, but without the scuff.

Jungle hunter is just a Skin of the normal Hunter class which is already available in the game with the same stats and everything. It was a preorder bonus therefore I won’t come back.

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