Bring back Jungle Hunter 87

There was no contract stating they wouldn’t or couldn’t release it at a later time for a price. The contractual agreement was if you pre order the game, you get the skin. Battlefront 2 unlocked preorder skins with the purchase of the celebration edition upgrade.

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I don’t see Illfonic having the foresight to put “we can release this skin” in their trailers

Just saying, theyre not actually contractually obligated. They could release it for $5 any time if they wanted to, and probably will when they start focusing on other games.

Ya but then you have false advertisement claims

Nah, no one really cares that much, especially in this game. If EA can get away with it in Star Wars… Illfonic can dodge a lawsuit with Predator lol they should release it for a price for extra funding. Damn near everyone would get it.

And while that causes it to lose its value in exclusivity, sure, the players are more satisfied and the salty minority who pre ordered will get over it in literally an hour lol

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Some wierdos actually threaten to sue over it 🤣


I’ll sue you!

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Fuck you!

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This game is not for children


Who hurt you? Tell James Cameron your troubles little girl. If indeed you are one.

James Cameron heals all wounds.



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Well look, I am a super fan and due to financial problems I could not catch the jungle hunter, and currently I have bought all the dlc and I think I deserve the skin 👉👈

I smell a false sense of entitlement.


They need to invent a new word to describe how correct this is. Correct, right, accurate, none fully describe how fully correct this statement is. Then again in this day and age everyone feels deserving of everything.

The issue here is with JH they used the term pre order exclusive. Not bonus.

It was an incentive to make people open their wallets. If developers just start giving away these pre order exclusives then there’s no incentive to pre order their next game.

Of course if anyone is desperate there are a few unused pre order codes on ebay.


Right. If she/he/it are such a “BIG FAN” then they would understand the concept of exclusivity. This person clearly does not.

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1 soy muy fan, no gilipollas.
2 la economia en dicho momento no me permitio pedir la anticipacion, tampoco pude acceder por unos problemas familiares y el covid, eso no me hace menos digna de no merecerlo ni es motivo para joderme y quedarme sin la skin u otro objeto

1 I’m a big fan, not an asshole.

2 the economy at that time did not allow me to ask for anticipation, nor could I access due to family problems and the covid, that does not make it less worthy of not deserving it nor is it a reason to screw me and stay without the skin or another object

Ah shit , here we go again