Buff Dutch 2025

Right now (and it was like this even in the past) there are no reason to play Dutch 2025 over Assault and Dutch 1987 class. Dutch has the worst perks of Assault and Recon and 10 hp more than Assault don’t change anything literally. Dutch 87 is 10 times better than 2025 because he has better passive perks and almost same hp. With the damage reduction he is even more tanky. I think you should change his passive perks in something different and unique, but not broken like Support or Assault. @OldKingHamlet @Courier

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How about nerfing Assault and Dutch '87 then. 😁

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I was just joking. 😂

You wrote this for @MassImpact124 didn’t you. Now he can go back to Buff the Dutch posts.


Dutch 2025 has the Yautja Blood in his veins and he said in the audio tapes that he is stornger than in Val Verde. He should have a unique passive ability and not a copy paste of the worst passive perks of Assualt and Recon.


maybe a mutagen phase which changes Dutch into full blown predator in 3rd person perspective. Then he will have a combistick and a plasma caster! One time use throughout a hunt game in order to kill preds!

What if he was given maximum stanima and movement speed?


Regardless of his perks, he’s too big and sticks out like a sore thumb. He is easily spotted and he can’t hide or get lost in the bushes. Unless they give him 200hp and Deadly, I see no reason for using him against top tier preds. Get that huge pred mask off his shoulder and give him better camouflage outfit.

He is the viking of the ft his stamina sucks it should be as fast and durable as 1987 dutch.

Except there is cause he’s tankier than both of them

Also doesn’t he get the deadly specialization??

He has 10 extra health. Yay. Not that much of a difference.

The only time it actaully helps is if he goes below 10 health. If he doesn’t he might as well of been an assault. (At least he’d have better gear)


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I like the recon passive on Dutch 25.

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But it’s simply worse than the spot time, as well as hip fire perk is worse than passive Yautja Bane. 10 hp don’t compensate. Dutch 87 and Assualt are just insanely better than 2025. Of course they should nerf both classes and Support too. But Dutch 2025 need unique ability because is a fucking paid DLC with Yautja Blood. It should be more viable. I cant find a good spot for Dutch in any team composition. Assault and 87 are just better.

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10 hp more than assualt dont change anything literally, same for 87. With mud 87 is way more thaky than 2025 and it has better perk point and better passive perks. Hip fire and mud duration are just useless compared to Assault and 87 passive perks.

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Amazimg quality of life.

10 more health plus he gets deadly as well. So you can be a 185 health monster with extra assault rifle damage hahah trust me he’s fine. Don’t take this the wrong way but your thought process here is kinda a logical fallacy. By this logic they’d buff him then it would be, hey buff assault and 87 now there’s no reason to use them! Lol he’s just the slightly tankier version of them. And honestly that’s arguably enough to make him the best hp is pretty important

Like I said to the other guy, he’s super viable. Haha. It’s literally a 185 health assault with deadly on. So he’s just a munch lord running around with extra damage on his AR. Buff him then the other ones will see no play