Buff old painless

So…I was thinking…

Overcharge the ever loving shit out of the mini gun. Tighten the spread and increase the damage to where it’ll melt Viking in 3 seconds from 35m.

However…if you’re using the mini gun, you’re automatically eligible for stealth kill, and a direct hit from the PC destroys the weapon permanently.


You killed it.

Just lighten the movement penalty

Replace supports armor passive for immunity to slowdown affects including the mobility stat

And tighten the hip fire

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Try the mini gun with support, double time, and multitasker. Spooling the gun counts as ADS. You’ll be stomping around at warp speed… well, at least fast enough to not be a sitting duck.


Plasma caster needs to be destroyable 😈


Rather than buffing it by improving its weaknesses, I’d kind of like to see what it would be like if you improved its strength. Increase fire rate by 50% and double its ammo, keep everything else the same. I think that would be fun as hell, just an absolute BRAAAAAAP weapon. Also make the minigun do more damage to the foliage in the environment so that it looks more powerful as it acts as a lawnmower.

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Make ole painless only usable when not moving. But literally shoots like a peashooter and has the fastest ttk at 2 sec within 20m
At the sametime give prrd melee an overhaul. Wish there was a more in depth melee system.
Friendly fire should be enabled. If you do 50 dmg to friendly your kicked.

If i was incharge of this game it would not have been relessed for 4 years. There woulfd be 2 jungle maps 2 city maps. 2 suburban maps. 2 maps in middle east. 2 japan maps. 2 moscow maps. Pred would have more gadgets. Hitscan would be gone.

Wait wouldn’t Scout be better since he has a better base speed?

Or is it still to slow to not be tanky with it.

I have a mini gun build and it’s really fun.
It has like zero recoil and is damn near 100% accurate. I call this build, “mini gun mayhem” lol
Assault+Reckless (Passives: action hero and bullet damage)
•Mini gun
•Healing syringe
•Ammo bag
•Action hero
•Gear head
•Weapons training

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scout lacks specialization dmg perks. I believe valkrie and alpha to be better options including city hunter.

I like this idea on making the minigun more deadly, since it’s a gun that literally spits out 1000’s of bullets per second, however I disagree with the stealth killing… and if the predators able to destroy my mini gun with the Plasma Caster then I should be able to destroy the plasma caster it’s self, with that in mind though they should make the mini gun a primary weapon… it never really made sense for it to be a second, that way all the special weapons can be destroyed as well! And fuck it while I’m on this topic add the Barrett .50 Cal to the special list, low the rate of fire and make it so it can go through walls like the plasma caster… just a thought

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Reasoning was the mini is already a death sentence if the pred gets behind you. Figured hell with it speed things up, and I’m only half joking because I don’t want to get rid of all the drawbacks and make the weapon OP and I think reducing the slow down would do this. At least we agree on tightening the spread though that’s a start.

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Done this with assault without the multitasker and it works good. I’ll slap the multi tasker on someday


Destroy the mini and there’s usually 3 weapon crates scattered around the map anyway so it’s not really hurting anything. Destroy the caster and FT can basically run around with just knives


I have an assault unleashed build I’ll throw the mini on for funsies

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Yeah. Dante could be good as well, but support would have the best speed to health ratio, compared to the non DLC classes.

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Buff minigun
Nerf tree branches

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Why Reckless if you don’t have grenades or grenade launcher on that build?!?

Reckless is the Increased damage when lower health spec, you’re thinking unleashed