Buff the Dutch

Please illfonic, bullet proof the helmet or plasma, arrow proof it making him take less damage or no damage at all.
If it is man made and not the alien technology we thought it was, then I believe illfonic has failed this part of the canon.

Buff the Dutch!
Its not a pay to win request, its just a perk and rightly so. To me all we got is a slower FT member, basic stamin and health, with less gear holding. I don’t necessarily see long mud covering nor hipfire accuracy at all. If it is mentioned that he has it, we should at least be able to accurately say that this Class has this for sure…not make a video and measure how many milliseconds he’s got as an advantage.

For the extra 8 bucks I payed we should at least get something thats identifiably an advantage. Stats i’m assuming are so easily changed, why not give it to us?


Give give Dutch 1 more gear point :D


Fuckin eh!! Thats one thing I noticed, he should be able to have at least what Assaults got and no less which is 10 gear slots.

And four extra Perk would make him very fun to play around with. 4 extra would allow us to have our basic 2 perks and 1 heavy perk to play around and change all the time.

Mind you he is still fun to play and get the voice of Arnold…but since we can’t modify his outfit much…we should at least be able to mess with his gears and perks.

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There should be no pay to win. He’s already faster and tankier than the assault, so he has less perks and gear.

Plus he has all the visual customizations of the FT except for body type, hair, and skin.

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Like i state in the OP, its not a pay to win. Its a pay for something different something unique. Basically what we got was a skin…nothing extra. Infact he got demoted interms of stats. Whats coming up next? Dutch in a tank top with even further demotation?
Hell, Maybe just give us a shirtless Dutch brought back from a time machine and just give him a knife and permanently mudup his body!
and then call him Dutch 1987 class. .I don’t think i’ll be wrong about that one!

Like you state in the OP, it is a pay to win.
I never heard of any nerfs to him in the patch notes. but if he has any, its because he was PtW, with him being faster and tankier and stealthier than the assault with really just the lack of gear to “balance” it out.

Dude, he didn’t have nerfs because he came nerfed. He’s not faster than any of the other FT classes. He is considerably slower. Stealthier? None of the FT is stealthy…weren’t not talking about The Predator here. He’s got no stealth. He’s neither quieter on his feet nor his guns are any more quieter (which are the same guns used by other FT members). He’s not tanky. His body is bigger but he’s not super human size.lol

He can run as fast as any FT member ONLY when armed with a knife…that is all.

I use him but he makes me feel like an old man!

C’mon Illfonic make this Old man BUFF!

You mean like the city hunter compared to rest? If they do it for the preds, why not the FTs :( I will finally get to play as him again. Right now its assault or support.

We get Dutch at the very start of launch then after 3 months of waiting… nothing. no wait we got some Halloween camo costumes and skull face paint.
Thats what we got.

City hunter has a minor speed increase and a minor energy regen decrease.

I don’t think it works like that outside of chinese gatcha MMO’s, OP.

The 9, not 10 Perk Point Slots kill me! At least give the man 10 perk points!

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Buff Dutch all you want. It doesn’t change the fact that “It was always going to be in the jungle.”


The trade off: direct hit plasma cast headshot one shots again :p jk no trade nothing needs buffed or nerfed and bullet proof? Hah still wouldn’t change the preds damage and it isn’t like the npc bullets do that much damage so let me call you a waaaaahhhmbulance? XD

No, this is what I mean:

Dutch to have more stats he has decreases, other stats. So to make it fair the City Hunter should have less health and stamina then the hunter if he has more movement speed and gear!

So, I will get back to what I said before, if preds get this, why not Dutch? Give me more gear :(

There are a host of other stats these four don’t show you. Like the energy capacity, energy regen, stamina regen, melee damage, cloak drain, thermal drain, perk points, etc.
Now with City Hunter, it has been noted that his energy regen is smaller. I’m not a numbers person, testing everything, but other people are. Check out some of the city hunter thoughts threads.


I’m not hearing anyone else say it, so say it with me!:

I think the problem here is that people simply don’t know how to Play Dutch. While similar to Assault, he does not play purely like Assault.

Assault is focused on pure Damage Dealing and is generally the point man on multiple engagements. They can even play a little of the other classes with Bags or even Noisemakers/Thermal Decoys if they wanted to or just aren’t feeling like Frags.

Dutch on the other hand is a Hybrid class. He merges the Assault and Recon playstyles. Flanking, Stealth and Misdirection of the Recon Class, mixed with the versatility and higher durability of the Assault Class. But even with this higher health, he isn’t a Support. He’s still going to get downed if he gets the bad end of a Plasma Caster. That being said, his Gear Space is optimized for Misdirection and Survival for one’s self. He even has special dialogue for these items, such as Noisemaker or Thermal Decoy.