Bug List Video for v2.22



It’s literally a 11 minute video, purely of bugs, that have been ruining a ton of people’s want to play.

Hope you guys take what @SkooLBoY_SkePtiK has and continues to do, seriously and address these items.

Like I said before.

11 minutes.

Of pure bugs.

In detail.

Not too sure what else we (primarily he and his awesome group of individuals that do this for our community) can do : /

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Now I’m not allowed to say too much on unannounced stuff, and I have like… I don’t even know what happened to the day, but I know the katana damage stack was figured out :p I’ll review more of the video later tonight and see if there’s any things in this that QA isn’t aware of.


I hope button failures after parry is there that’s a big one


On all platforms

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I’m not sure I’ve experienced that one myself. It’s not in my video.

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Just got it without parry as well. L2 and R2 just not working. Brand new controller out of box yesterday so that isn’t it. Was playing FT. Standing there getting sliced like a goon not able to do anything.

@Weevo540 and @moralez have documented it on console. It’s essentially the same as @JelouGaming experiences.

Input action too quick for the game locks the controls. Parry once and then again quickly you’re stuck and have to use the weapon wheel to unlock yourself


It’s activated by switching your weapon while you are trying to melee. It leaves you in a state where you cant shoot, melee, sprint unless you use your weapon wheel to change your weapon

It’s essentially the same problem on console I think though from what I’ve seen. Probably an anti macro code that went away trying to prevent “too quick” inputs…

That’s a guess though, I fix trucks not games


I’ll try that out.

I use a delay to switch weapons to avoid it. My cheat (alright I will say what it is) consists of an auto-parry function. It makes the bug disappear 95% of the time

like I’ve said, it works only when your ping is low and against certain weapons (katana, elder sword, alpha sickle) it doesn’t work at all. But something is something. Until the bug is addressed, this is the only thing that makes up for a match against a “brain dead” pred that is just spamming the melee button.

Though we already discovered that using whristblades, if you spam the button fast enough, parried animation is cancel and pred can continue to melee you down. Fucked up, even against that

Much appreciated!!!

Let’s squash these bugs ;)

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This is new. I went into second wind and immediate heal. I didn’t hit the button to heal. Seriously what is happening with this game

Are your controls heavily modified?

Wow 😯 thats a lot of bugs. I really hope we finally get to a point where no medipacks are unusable and the weird helicopter bug is gone. Some bugs might be fun but it’s more fun to play without those bugs. Also the v -1 bug should get fixed


Nope. No modification

That’s strange. Do you play on a wireless connection?

Nope. Hardwired directly into ps4 via ethernet cable. It’s very strange. I’ve never had that happen before or since. I’m almost tempted to say controller issue, but no way. It’s brand new out of box two days ago.

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What I don’t get is some bugs seem to affect only certain players. Like I haven’t had a slam glitch in a very long time, but I see it happen to others.

One more question, are you playing against PC players when you get the controller glitch?