Bug or hacker

I’ve had a few suspicious games while playing but this one kinda takes the cake. And because of what happened in this round I’m going to be turning off crossplay just to be safe. But a PC player (jcubed31) was shooting me without being able to see where I even was. This is the first time something like this has happened to me and I know that there are a few hackers on pc but I’m unsure on if this is a bug or not. I am going to be leaving a link to a video of what happened in hopes that whatever happened won’t happen again.



Yup this has happened to me twice now, I’m also suspicious.

I never see why people find it fun to just kill the predator with hacks makes you and the predator waste time.

Were you also playimg against PC players?

Sorry, I really can’t remember now.

it happend to me too, try and not use vision a lot if times like spaming, cuz they will see your eyes
i didnt watch the video, i just gave u an idea for next games

I actually don’t use vision too much in combat. But I would recommend watching the video lol

sure then:)) i just woke up so i wasnt in the mood

i’v watched it, even the most pro player of fire team cant shot like that, epsecially when u stay behind a building or prop.
probably has wallhack…something like this and much more…there is no bug

Well hopefully it will be fixed soon. Untill then I’m keeping my cross play off

Hacker. I have only seen a handful of hackers in my time, minus a console player using turbo to instant escape nets, and they were pretty much all PC so I would advise turning off crossplay.

That’s definitely a hack (and I’m on PC), but honestly this is only the second vid I’ve seen yet of a true hack in this game (the first was about 2 weeks after release and was the same hack).

One player using hacks isn’t a good enough reason to disable crossplay I would think.
Obviously the decision is yours but that’s my personal opinion.

@Courier You need to forward this to the devs.

That’s so fucking lame.

I had this exact thing happen to me before in a full ps4 lobby and no one believed me when I said it was a hacker, despite me also mentioning that the dude changed his psn name right after that match as well.

Everyone just kept saying it was desynch.

Then good to know it’s not just PC, therefore disabling crossplay wont help.

Luckily, I’ve only ran into it once. Unfortunately it seems to happen often on pc.

I play on PC daily and it’s never happened to me, admittedly I play in a region less prone to hackers (asia-pacific).

I’ve been called a hacker several times by shit FT pre-mades though. So I’ve started a youtube channel called “Just because you’re shit doesn’t mean I’m hacking”.
But got about 60 vids to process and upload LOL.

You are a hacker. You use the hack to make ft guns jam xD. Lol jk but I wish that was a thing in game tbh.

Holy s**t when did they add ZF-1 from fifth element

Its just connection problem not hacks…on their screen u standing still but on your u move, it happens sometimes…