Bug or hacker

If that’s the case then I might take a break from the game till it’s fixed

This is 100% a server issue and could be easily addressed if you had monitored your connection and posted the information. Instead of doing this (very easy just google how) you assumed they were hacking and have provided nothing of use to Illfonic. Just a FYI.

A couple hours ago I encountered my first hacker and no matter where I was or how far I was or anything he knew where I was no matter what. With 8 minute que times sometimes its not worth it to play as predator if I gotta deal with that.

This should be investigated, but clip is very short so we cant know some important facts, as for example your ping. If it is cheater he should be definitely kicked, but it might be a sever bug also. This game needs some kinda post game logs so devs can replay fishy matches, if they have some incentive to try to make this game a bit better.

i bet its a hack

Nothing to see here its a desync. seen this some times on streams in games between friends and the preadator sees himself some where else and the fire team sees him stuck somewhere else and they can kill him and theres nothing youcan do about it.

Stream where this happened between all friends lobby on maximilian doods stream.

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I watched your video from the building came out one person you chop him with a machete and it looks like a shot. But he thinks it wasn’t him. Other FT members were far from you in the woods. Or they could be somewhere near where you didn’t see them at the time. So they could see you and shoot at you. After the first shot in your video, it looked like they were shooting at you through walls and objects, but it probably wasn’t. Do not throw PC players in one bag. Not everyone is a dishonest imposter. Turning off crossplay may give you a sense of security, but you’ll just limit yourself to playing with other players from around the world, which doesn’t work very well. Yes, I play it on a PC and I also play with PC players if they join the game. I also had some interesting situations here. I played as a predator and one member from FT started shooting at me from such a great distance of about 300 meters that at that possible moment I thought that it was not normal or possible. I don’t know what attacked me anymore, whether it was a sniper gun or assault rifles. But health drove me down a lot. So if they play on any High END performance PC kits then it would be possible that they have a smoother game and they see a lot more things than I do when I have a fairly outdated PC.

That definitely looks like an aimbot but… There is this thing called lag. Sometimes what you see is not what is really happening, so while you are moving around, your character might also got stuck somewhere and that’s how you got downed. I’ve killed a few predators like this, that get stuck in a rock or a wall and I as a FT member have also been killed out of nowhere. The game is glitchy AF. When using chat over discord I can hear my teammates audio and they are not loading out at the same time as I am. Sometimes even 2 or 3 seconds behind.

On PC settings, if you lower the “view distance” to the minimum you will see the predator from a distance since the foliage is not covering it. However, guns have a limited range. I normally use the weak/fast sniper rifle and even though I’m seeing the predator and shooting at it, the bullets never hit it.

given the pings shown on the final scoreboard lag should be able to be ruled out. ( I do realise it can spike but not for such a considerable amount of time generally)

It’s a desync and your pred is not where you think it is. There aren’t even bullets hitting you OP, do people know how an aimbot works or do they mean a wallhack? The other guy was even still meleeing at where you aren’t. Lagswitch would be more likely even.

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Debunked for the 900th time, it’s server side.

To this day i’m waiting for one player speedhacking around 1 tapping the pred with a pistol so I can finally be like YES THERE IT IS but all I get is laggy bs.

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Are you able to provide evidence of this?

Maybe the fucking green goo flying out of crates detective.

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At what time stamp do you see this?

3:45 is when the perpetrator switches his super epic hacks on, officer.

the vid isn’t even 3 mins long…

It’s 5 minutes 30 seconds total and you’re drunk

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I was referring to the OP’s video.

Where’s the blood coming out of crates?

Gee we cant tell since hes turned away from the FT can we? So here’s a better vid above of the same thing happening.