Called it from the beginning

I said, about a whole year ago now. This game was heading in the wrong direction. And I’ve seen it for quite some time, but it’s now very clear all hope is gone. The fact we keep getting the same nonsense 0 effort dlc. People keep buying it. And instead of giving our feedback and voting with our dollar, we choose to make jokes about Star Wars and watermelon. Lol. Don’t blame anyone for doing so. Clearly there’s nothing else to talk about in regards to this game. So ima go and finally delete my account.

Keep in mind, This is not me making an entire post about me leaving the forum, it’s more so to the point of, I warned all of you. And very very few listened. As a die hard predator fan, I’ve never been more disappointed with a game. Take care everyone and please, save your money and wait for the next AVP game, dont give these half assers any more of your hard earned money.

This place is nothing but jokes and nonsense about stuff that has 0 to do with making the game better, and even when it was more focused, they never listened to feedback anyways.

If we get an AVP game in the coming years, I’ll probably see you guys on there.


We didn’t listen (south park)

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Until then, may the force be with you, always.



Implying that’s not going to some cheap unreal engine devs that hide in their official discord and do a yearly interview or ps blog where they tell everyone No to basic features then retreat into their chambers while dripfeeding some monthly hats on their immovable roadmap.


I pray to God for your journey

The end is near!!

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You cant delete your account , the forum is like room 1408 , once you enter you cant leave .

Even if you request your account be deleted? They don’t do it , trust me I tried , so I chose to burn it down instead 😇

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It’s a problem of their own making. There’s never any feedback taken in to account, the devs tell people to come on here and do that but they for whatever reason cannot tell us anything at all. There’s such a huge disconnect between the community and the devs that it’s no longer mildly amusing. You have people trying to start made up drama over nothing because there’s nothing to do here except shit post with friends. Also unrelated but the goddamn audio bug still isn’t fixed and it’s been present for 10 goddamn months.


The Lord favors u. Let us pray

Lots of us could see that this game wasn’t going to majorly improve. It would essentially require a full remake. It’s just that a lot of us enjoyed playing with our friends and having some fun in game and on this forum. We weren’t all blind, we just didn’t all feel like wasting time with huge posts shouting at the devs. So we don’t really need a huge “I told you so” post.

They aren’t interested mate , they have already moved on and had the move on arranged from the beginning, its happened and people either learn from it or they don’t.

They just aren’t a good developer and see sales as a victory rather than doing a good job .

Is it limited to them ? No , its the state of gaming . Any developer worth their salt would do everything in their power to resolve the issues and clearly illfonic aren’t. If people still somewhat enjoy it? Then good , I enjoyed it at points myself , where it has went is beyond receiving any benefit of the doubt and the fact they jumped ship (long ago in my opinion but will never admit it) and are celebrating over at their next venture? Speaks volumes.

Just like no fixes for a mass of issues? Speaks volumes ,their silence , speaks volumes .

The whole cant discuss shit? OK, but then regularly gaslighting people by saying “we can’t wait to share more info” and “keep an eye on our social media” , its all bullshit .

Patchnotes “fixes” are their announcements, lazy and incompetent.

They have been silenced by higher ups? Are those the same higher ups that have ordered them not to make fixes? Bullshitting of epic proportions and they have laughed all the way over to their next rip off .

At least you are warm 😄

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Give me 10 days. Beat Pwillies record 9 days of radio silence.

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Ilffonic BLOOOOWWWWSSS ka ka poo poo, and dick! @IllFonic worst game devs ever

Facts, man. And I don’t blame you. I lurk more than anything now because I’m not part of the random humor, and there’s just nothing to talk about in general in regards to the game. Its so funny looking at posts on the facebook group, noobs and potatoes alike praising Illfonic and saying how fun and good this game is…they have no idea. But they’ll learn, they’ll get tired of the same shit different day attitude from the game. Don’t get me wrong, I still play it, because it’s still fun for me; but that fun is quickly waning. I have a few titles coming out this fall that I can’t wait to play and get out of the damned bugged jungle.

Sorry bub, the Gnomes have taken over this realm and we’ve timelocked it. There’s no escaping here, you’re stuck with us forever.

All you need is a couple friends, find a busted build and proceed to stomp all over people. Eventually enough people quit and this game will finally die and free us from this torment.

I just don’t get why they can’t tease anything or discuss anything period. I swear they’re more tight lipped than the pentagon regarding info. The most anything’s been hinted is by people datamining shit half of which haven’t ever been included in game.