Cant play with my PS4 friend

Hello, we are able to play fortnite together but when we are logged on we cant see each other in the friends list, it appears as offline. And my PS4 buddy cant see his friends list at all

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I’m having the same issue. My epic account is linked but I’m showing offline on his end and no option to invite anyone other than PS4 players on mine

I am also having the same issue. Please fix ASAP!? Otherwise what’s the point of having crossplay??

I’m trying something to see if we can get a work around until it’s fixed

Having same issue and I’m sure Illfonic is working on a lot of issues but this game seems awesome. However with longer wait times, no crossplay with friends, and keybinds not being able to be changed I feel this game will loose traction.

You can change keybinds… go to keyboard/mouse mapping and change the controller mapping preset to custom controls…

Same issue. This hasnt been addressed and is a huge issue in my book. This is a big feature that was promised at launch and has not worked for anyone as far as i know.