Crossplay not working

Since latest patch.

So are you unable to play with ps4 friends or are you just wanting to play against random ps4 players?

I dont see why you pc players are complaining?

Both. Mostly I like playing with different people and shorter waiting queues

The amound of hackers in this game is ridiculous

Well yeah, if you cant play with friends that sucks.

this update broke clash for pc players as crossplay is now broken i can confirm. these guys are so bad at making a solid video game that they add more problems every update rather than fixes lol. instead of update it needs to be called “downgrade”

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No. Sometimes they update the bugs. Enhance them. And introduce new ones. So it’s legit to call it an update.


@OldKingHamlet are you aware of this?

I think he is aware that the game is in a bad conditions.

should be