Certain PC players are lucky that voice chat is not monitored

Certain PC players are very lucky that Predator: Hunting Grounds does not enforce appropriate voice chat behavior. In other games, you would get banned. Some of these players are quite active in this forum.

I can understand that you suffer from social problems in real life but that is not an excuse for harrassing other people in a game. By playing games, you may feel great in contrast to real life. Just because you may not be treated fair in real life (in your opinion), you should treat other people in a game that way. So:

Please, behave and be friendly. No rude talking.


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Lol im sure I can guess

I was called poor be cause I have a PS4 and not a PC.

Internet people are people too

Just to be clear: Personally, I do not care for rude talking but I do care for potentially demoralizing other people, possibly resulting in reduced player numbers.

Be friendly!

All Predator fans are a sexual Tyrannosaurus

I don’t know what you’re talking about…

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Any attempts to control someone’s speech is reprehensible, fuck that. If you can’t take edgy gamechat, switch it off. What happens in gamechat stays in gamechat, and we should all feel free to speak as we please.

Nobody has a right to not be offended, except the Chinese Communist Party which speaks for itself.


Bullying and harassment are different subjects altogether, and such behaviour is to be condemned.

Because people legally have the right to be tools, doesn’t make it ethically right. I believe people should always have good manners and be polite, unless you’re talking to a friend and that’s your normal rhetoric. To be rude to a stranger, either in person or online, is inconsiderate and I always take note. The next time we’re in a lobby, I quietly leave.

I can choose my friends and I can also choose not to play with those who are bad sports. Poor losers AND poor winners.





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Condomed? 🤔


This is always a very tip toe topic for me. On one hand, of course you wouldn’t want your game chat to be monitored, stuff can be taken out of context, someone can misinterpret you for the words you choose, or even your genuine attitude to other plays post game. I should know, I’ve said stuff I shouldn’t have said at one point on websites that I should have been banned for. Should I be defined by what I said in the spur of the moment? No, but it can happen with today’s sense of instantaneous judgment.

But at the same time, that type of thing helps prevent cases of genuine harassment and just in general some really mad guy from just yelling his mouth off and should really just be doing something else.

I honestly don’t care for trash talking, but it’s better than waiting until the end of the match just to say “gg”…

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The MUTE function is there for a reason🤷🏼‍♂️

In game trash talk is one thing, but people telling me they are going to “forcibly have their way” with my mother/sister/daughter/wife is another.

But you must understand them it is the only way for them. No one wants to have “any way with them in real life” - if they had any interaction in real life at all.

Many people behave like this due to the seemingly anonymous atmosphere in multiplayer games but would be afraid behaving like this in real life - depending on the country, for sure, i.e. the likelihood of direct physical retaliation.