Character chemistry

Don’t you hate when your brainstorming an idea for a story, and you’ve got a character relationship planned, but then you start coming up with character interactions with another character and realize they have better chemistry…

And it completely flips the entire narrative if you swapped them…

And this happens three times…

Nigga, wtf are you talking about and why do you keep making these post?
Are you writing a story?

Are you roleplaying?

Wtf is going on.

What else are we going to talk about Illfonic?


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So are you making a campaign for DnD or is just a story?

You dont really seem like the type to do anything like this that’s why I’m asking.

Why do you care so much to respond? Get lost! if buddy wants make believe friends then let the boy have them!

What the fuck do you care? Fuck off

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Just the story

I’ve told you about this

I had no idea.

What’s it about?

A fantasy tactics game that has a story focuses on the existence of gray morality and political reasoning rather than end of the world magic

The basic set up is that the main continent has been under war for the past thousand years or so. It’s not one war, just wars. Not every country is involved in all of them and there have been some gaps between the wars.

The main Antagonist is a kingdom laying on the east side of the continent who wants to conquer the rest of the Continent. But not for personal gain, but for the betterment of the people, after all the continent has been in war for a long time and the kings are shit both as a why and because.

Where the protagonist comes in is that they believe their plan isn’t going to work. For his reign he might be a better king. But having an entire continent under one rule is never going to be a good idea.

Unlike most villians nowadays where they’re evil but tragic backstory, this is two people who are genuinely good people who are at odds and aren’t willing too stand down.

It’s very character focused though with character drama between both sides. And not that shitty high school shit.

I’ve got more but I’ll let you sit on that for the moment

That’s not that new. Plenty of series have done that, were the bad guy isnt really evil.

Sounds kinda interesting I guess.

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The point of that wasn’t “oh it’s totally unique”

It was more “it’s not the most generic use antagonist that people are actively complaining about because it’s overused”


How about no antagonist or protagonist?
Simply the story from all angles?

That is a good idea but that would ruin a lot of the pacing I already have planned out. Besides I already have time spaced out for the antagonists.


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It sucks!

I haven’t even told you any events yet

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