So this is another case of some bad getting destroyed by their first decent FT confirmed? And there is yet to be an actual cheater with any proof found in this game ever, just bugs? Its pretty cringe that you guys can’t just accept that some people are better than you are at video games.

Nah b. before i turned crossplay off was claim skulls as usual. Until u cheating little ass holes decided to ruin it. Did you read the rest of my post… i said NOT ALL pc players… are you one of those Hacks? 🤫🤭

‘‘Its pretty cringe that you guys can’t just accept that some people are better than you are at video games.’’ you talking to me like that after i defend innocent gamers ?

There is plenty of proof of wall hacking cheaters and aimbots and shit. There are no small number of videos demonstrably showing this. What are you smoking and where can I get some dude? Lol

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I am a witness to cheaters tracking me down and killing me quick asf and then defusing my bomb in less than a sec I swear to god

I wanna just say that in the last two matches i was in i saw Cheats/hackers/modders saw a Fire team member Telle-warp to me and shot my mask ONCE and shot it off with in the First 2 seconds of the game then as i couldnt find them they rushed Objectives when the heli came just befor getting on the heli he fired one shot and downed me as the predator not even a secound wind yet i havent been downed once.

so yes cheaters are in this game and its a problem.

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I have actually had that happen to me once as well but he put me in second wind and then in the following engagement killed me from
85% health and about 70% health respectively both with one shot.

But if you listen to some of the clowns here they will just call that and all these other incredibly convenient instances ‘desyncing’.

yea thats bull shit i worked so hard to get elder tryed him out and in the first few games got rekt by cheats

That fucking blows. PC players I assume?


So much for ‘PC Master Race’ lol

well it is… its so master that it masters the code of every game it touches

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Fair enough lol

You don’t know what you are missing “so it’s bad”

Probably cheaters yes.

And point and click… well, if you buy a 2000 euro computer that runs the game on 60+ fps with a high end mouse and mouse-pad?

It’s comparing front-line swordmen with a knight who paid a lot for his armor. The fact that my old PC and my new PC made me better at aiming, must be something as well right? Where… the same hardware got better with a better CPU and GPU. But you won’t know until you buy your own high-end PC, build it yourself and play games on it yourself.

Until then. It’s better to just shush and enjoy that you can play on a console.

Also… You can turn crossplay off. Yes, that is a thing.

but im on pc too?

also the problem isnt the system the problem is the people that Hack and Mod with the system,

you feeling ok?

Bra no skill with pointing and clicking. Sorry its just to simple. Also no shit I can turn cross play off dick breath.

Ok buddy, I’ll come back once you’ve lost your swimming aid.

Hold your breath pal ;)

Needs citation.