Guys just want to let you know that cheaters ARE in this game. PC players (of course) speaking russian language.
Just don’t waste time playing against them. They will track you down in the first minute of gameplay and hit you with aimbotted headshots in no time.

Wonder why the integrated anticheat system doesn’t work properly.


Have you also reported them? That is probably your best course of action. Thanks for the heads up though!


Fuck PC players. The least skilled gamers out there… point and clicking with a mouse has 0 skill… a controller takes skill. Like to see them use one without cheats, see how bad they get shit on.
Tuned cross-play off a few weeks into release bc of this.

Thats why I stick with consoles. Don’t need to worry about try hard noobs who can’t play with out handicaps. Pc players do nothing but destroy great games bc of cheats and hacks. Fuck em

Ps… not all PC players are trashh cheaters but the mass of you are… you know who you are pussies


Here is a snickers you don’t seem your self!


You’re likely talking about the russian 4 stack that has Prozipix and while they arent cheating from what I can see on his stream, they are scumbags who lower their graphics settings to lowest possible so that they can see you coming from pretty much the entire camp and they play to grief the predator because at the highest levels, FT is busted af and requires literally no effort to beat all but the best pred’s.

Do yourself a favor, just dodge those matches. Make yourself a personal blacklist and just dont play against them. They are already invested in these accounts, so if we blackbar them, they will either have to get another smurf account (more money for Illfonic) or just have any pred that would give them a challenge leave as soon as you see them enter the game.


Yes it was Prozpix & friends…

from what I can see you can only report a player in the lobby on pc, which doesn’t help cause your not gonna know if that person is a cheater til you played em. unless you happen to remember their name and come up against them sometime down the line.

Sound like a ft i fought on deraild… they literally sat on the roofs picking me off and spotting from any direction and from an rang.
After I killed one of thir guys they all quit tho. So yea their all pussies 🤪

Can you report in game also (tab/score screen) I have never tried it to be honest.

If you have the names don’t post here, but you could send that in with an email report I bet too.

there is no way I am playing a fps game with analogue controls. never have and never will specially in a digital world. if Sony and Microsoft adapted gyro controls like Nintendo switch to aim like in Zelda and Splatoon then I’ll def consider it. analogue is so 1998, its time to improve analogue to a better smoother transition of game playing its been 22 years already. that’s like still playing Wolfenstein and Doom with the arrow keys.

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I’ve tried the score screen, don’t see any option to report. even pressing tab to the individuals name and clicking or pressing enter doesn’t prompt an option to mute or report. clearly I’m doing it wrong?

Not sure to be honest, I have never tried but heard others say it works pre game, during game, but not after game.

ive tried in game and after game… no prompt to mute or report player, its only available during the lobby in mission briefing. which is pointless unless you faced that cheater before and remember his name, but PC gamers change their name on the regular your not subjected to one name only unlike ps users.

Yeah that seems backwards. Is there an out of game reporting option?

Yes I experienced it. Arrows didn’t miss one person and we were all down in less than 20 seconds. Predator was a PC player

Thats not cheating lol. I do that all the time. I even posted a video of me doing it awhile back.

The bow in the rights hands can feel really overpowered. especially if you sit there ressing a teammate or in a trap taking arrows standing still from 5ft away. However, even moving, I regularly ace teams with it having not missed a single arrow if I get them in a good position.

yea, not cheating, but just cancer to play against.

Ahh okay. I had just never seen that happen before. I know the arrows are strong with a full shot but I was just surprised as to how accurate he was hah

PC players are so shit! They keep killing me over and over again because they are worse than me >:(
If they were better players I would win

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not tab use mute and report click on it there are few options there…cheating on both side but i suppose mostly pc they giving us bad name…