Cloak 2.05patch BALANCE. Feedback.

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I want to thank you all for your job!

The cloak visibility range:

-1x(iron scope) more than 50m completely invisible

-Red dot and holographic more than 70m completely invisible

-4x (acog etc.) more than 90meters completely invisible

-6x scope more than 110m completely invisible.

The numbers are aproximate and might need to be tested.

This way you guys, @illfonic team, will balance both sides to 100% and you will gain gamers hearts forever!


Wait that does not make sense at all? Its not like they get superman vision if they use better scope distance? Its a thing with the eye btw its called a mirage… i also did a topic about this… happens when the human eye gets tricked into light particles dropping from distance and also due to heat and other objects reflecting from ground and stuff…

Better scope - further cloaked predator visibility.

This way sniper rifles won’t be useless.


forgot about it…

150m something like that

Dude, 10 hours ago you were saying it was perfect and you weren’t having any issues… Like, which is it??


Yea i like it and its perfect for me, but you know sometimes want to make my life more difficult))

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Look, i get what everyone is saying about sniper rifles i get it 110%

But i will give you a scenario if they would to add that.

People will go back to the sniper meta and probably continue melting predator from distance.

And what will predator get? People that want to feel immersive and their cloak actually like keep them safe from distance… even at 100 meters they can melt him lmfao… i know for a fact cause i stopped playing sniper even with the current PATCH btw!

The current patch that is considering cloak did nothing wrong or negative to fireteam lmao… all it did was honestly make predator’s more cocky and interact with you honestly… and a lot of some guys were like… oh but its boring now… no not really lmao, since this patch i’ve been playing both sides but im playing more fireteam with assault rifle just cause its not fun to still MELT from distance cause u can STILL see his energy charge & bow & you can also TAG HIM to show a green mask icon.

The damage is pretty much the same honestly, nothing has changed except that u need to be focused more as fireteam member.

If people see this as negative thing they can go play clash honestly lmao…

Clash is perfect mode for those who want fully fast pace gameplay and i think devs did a really good job dividing player base to those who don’t want the HUNT to be so “hard” as they say to spot and kill predator…

Predator is literally an optional thing to do if you want to kill him lmao…

Like i literally got nothing else to say really except the max they should do is increase distance upto 70 meters instead of 50 meters lmao…

At 50 meters he should be visible as u saw him from the movies… at 70 meters he should be semi invisible so its a combination of visible and fully invisible at 70 meters… and can go invisible way faster if he does not move at 70 meters and if he crouches he is 98% invisible at 70 meters.

That’s the max they should do if you ask me.

And fix the textures to resemble more of a cloak instead of full invisibility lol

Also, do you really think i would waste this much of my time to write all of that if it wasn’t my honest opinion that i think is the most real and fair thing to do… like rn if u ask me its gucci… but the textures are so bad lol for the cloak… he looks like half invisible half blueish grayish color…

I think it worth what you’re saying.

All discussions about pred cloak after last patch are look like a try to get the best of the best of the best and i guess devs wouldn’t change it anymore.

Let say to not offend anyone of players the balance can be this way:

new options:
The cloak visibility range:

-1x(iron scope) + red dote and holographic more than 50m completely invisible

-4x (acog etc.) more than 60meters completely invisible

-6x scope more than 70m completely invisible.

10x scope more than 80m completely invisible

This way would be more reason to keep playing sniper and if not then you have medium range and close range. There’s no big difference in 30 extra meters i think.

Of course if make it more difficult there must be textures rework, but it looks like very difficult for devs to implement dependance the invisibility textures on distance.

The difference in that would be you seeing him climbing on a tree or leaping on the building… so u can pre plan before he even gets to take a peek on you…

Wait what do you mean it would be difficult? They already have them in game properly working for the person playing as predator… all they need to now is implement them to look the same for those who play as fireteam and see him… so its not client side only?

Also… im not sure if you understand what im saying…

I think there shouldn’t be at all difference in scopes… they don’t have in built technology that un cloaks predator…

All they do is let players see further not necessarily see where predator is.

But either way i don’t mind the range as long as its not over 70-80 meters.

The only who’ll see is the sniper with 10x scope none else (i assume its very rare that someone use 10x scope).

And after that you have 6x scope (usually maximum 2 members are using it) and 70meters distance of invisibility thats where the fight begins.

I still think the SCOPES should do what they are meant to be doing, and so far they have been doing that.

But i think that if they just make textures better i can promise you that you can see predator better from distance… and that’s if they add in sort of shimmering and blurring effect if he is constantly running and jumping and stuff

And that’s only if you actually hard focus on finding him lol… but that is not the mission of the fireteam, their mission is to exfil not to hunt him.

i understand what you’re saying inspite on my low english skills.

I realized what you said and think its good, the way to balance just change textures appearence depending on distance with whatever scope ft member use.

I just offered an option.

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Your english is not bad but i appreciate you understand lol and i understand its an opinion… but we shall see… as long as we give enough data to devs they can sum it up.

wow since like you are the only one that did know that

I mean im just reminding people that even if he is cloaked and fully invisible it will show a green mask icon lmao… its not that deep man…

Literally like… its not that hard u know

New players aren’t going to persist and adapt if they get killed over and over by experienced at range predators, they’re just going to think the game is broken if they never even see the predator most games, quit and give the game a one star which will kill new players joining that keeps the game alive. Everyone here can talk about salt mines and how people just need to not suck but at the end of the day the game has to be fun. Make the predator invisible long range but when you can’t even see a predator mid range while it’s moving how’s that going to be fun for noobs getting their arses handed to them over and over?

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