Cloaking after biomask destroyed

I’ve broght this thing to the Forum before and i would like to ask the devs @OldKingHamlet @Courier if this is just another bug or mechanics error.
Cloaking still working after biomask is destroyed.
I’ve defended that the cloaking depends on the biomask. Some people say it depends on the wrist computer, others on the fishnet armor.
So, a few days before i was playing with Dutch and i destroyed a biomask. Dutch said an automatic line and it was “the cloak don’t work without it”.
Please enlighten me.

I think it’s the Same as with rebreather mask being able to use vision mode to spot fireteam. Maybe just a gameplay decision. I would see cloaking depends on wrist computer.

“Infrared won’t work without it”. He doesn’t say anything about the cloak.


I still stand that the cloak depends on the mask.
Predator 2010, Lawrence Fishburne approaches the team cloaked with the mask, gun and armour maybe. But without wrist computer…

I taped that match. “Infrared” Is definitely not the word he says. It could not be “cloak”, but “infrared” i’m 100% sure it’s not. It’s a monosyllabic word i’m sure of that.

Infrared is definitely what he says. Tho! CH was still able to be invisible at the end of the movie while in the Ship!

The wrist computer is what does the cloak!

Multiple Movies the Predator does not have his mask and can still on invisible! So plz rewatch and then check back with us


Cloak is based on the wrist computer. For direct proof, see the ending of Predator 2. Several preds cloak without their mask.


Not to mention the movie that shall not be named!

Mr Fugitive didn’t have his mask either!

Wolf in AvP R activates his cloak via the computer

Scar in AvP with his flying kick to the Queen Ghost style!

The Elder at the end of AvP is holding his mask!!

Yeah, on Pred 2, they were inside the ship. The ship has it’s own cloak.

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Okay explain the Fugitive then!

First time you see him you see his different colored eyes that he opens amd looks directly at the lead actor and he is cloaked up

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No. Infrared it’s not what he says. That i’m 100% positive.
I accept that the cloak does not depend on the mask, but what ha says then?

Dutch 2025 says
“Mask destroyed infrared wont work without it”

@Cadillackid @REYNOSO_FUA11 @Fire
Ill bring in the voice line experts



That’s another line.
The line i heard is:
“The **** don’t work without it”
It sounds to me that **** is “cloak”. I’m sure it’s a monosyllabic word. And 100% sure it’s not “infrared”.

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Pretty sure he says infrared

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Wtf, is this some Trolling again? Must be trolling.

Of course Cloak is independent from the Mask.
Mask is only for Vision modes and breathing.

@moralez do your research and stop stating such stupid stuff.
All sources of Predator lore contradict what you state here.


I’m pretty sure he says infrared but I’m not too sure on that I’m more of Zeus voice line expert.

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First of all i didn’t state. I showed my opinion and why i have it. All sourcers.
Till now anybody could contradict me why LF approached the team cloaled w/o computer and only mask. But that’s not the point here cause i accept i can be wrong, i accepted before. The question here is that Dutch line he says. And, for the last time, IT’S NOT “INFRARED”.

Consider that illfonic doesn’t actually have any direct focus so they tend to fuck up a lot