Console Aim Assist Suggestion

Hi i was wondering if it was possible to add a form of aim assist as a quality of life change for console players to help even the playing field for the majority of your console users in crossplay.

Maybe a sticky aim with minor tracking that can be adjusted in strength with a slider and an option to change whether you can turn it off completely, only activate when directly over a target and finally activate before over a target to facilitate the needs of the user.

This should help lessen the gap between the two tools used to play your game from experience I’ve noticed a huge disparity between the two platforms in terms of their ability to hit targets reliably.

Thanks for your time


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Yes , but if the devs could they would have done it by now. So maybe it was intended to give pc ps preds some variation.

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possibly, hope its more of a never crossed their minds since they play the game on pc

there actually is aim assist it just fucking sucks as it for some reason uses the MOVING stick over the AIMING stick
which idk about any of you but i don’t aim by moving around

whoever at Illfonic does who thought this aim assist will help players how do you look around do you even move your head, or your eyes? or do you just turn your body whenever you look at something? do you lay down on the floor every time you look up?


Yeah there is an aim assist, you can definitely tell when you point your gun at a boar at the gun tracks it as it’s moving away, for AI and Pred, actually aiming down the sights helps.

Still don’t understand why the aim assist on boars for FT is so damn powerful, literally nothing else in the game gets that level of aim assist and they aren’t even a primary target for the FT.


Trying to make it fair for the pred by having FT accidently feed him?


I think this sums up the aim assist in a nutshell.


Ha ha ha. That’s so true. Technically, it’s “rotation” assist, but I would rather have 0 assist for the boars.



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Ill be honest i dont mind aim assist being added in the game to sort of like kinda help lock onto non cloaked pred torso but not really lock on rather have a player needing to move joystic more tiny bit to hit the pred…

But only if they add these:

  • Bullet Drop
  • Bullet Projection
  • Dynamic body part damage

Idk if im the only one seeing this as the only way to bring the two ends of the rope together really

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weird i havent noticed any slow or pull rip

oh yeah i seen that, really weird, so weird i kinda dont even want to call it aim assist even though it is

yeah like not a snap aim more like stickiy aim and slight tracking

dont forget to drop a heart on the first post if you think this could help. hopefully if enough people like it they might implement it.(grabs the flyswatter and readily aims it at the, they never listen doom sayers) 🤣