Cross Play Invitation Issues

I have PS4. Friends have PC. We are friends. My EPIC (failure) account is linked to my PS4 account. They do not show up on my friends list. I do not show up on their friends list. We cannot invite each other. When is there going to be a fix? We were promised this at launch. If it can’t be fixed, I would like to return this. Thank you.


This an issue for everyone at the moment. No ETA on it unfortunately. At least that I know of.

Pretty shitty… I bought the game for crossplay

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Maximiliandood played it crossplay with friends and invites worked on stream so it works for some people or???

I also just got the game to play cross-plat and the same issues for me. This shouldn’t be advertised as cross-platform if it doesn’t work in my opinion. I would’ve rather known that and gotten it on PS4 than wasting my money.

Epic game cross-play private match isnot working.
From PC to Ps4 & PS4 to PC.

Illfonic are oblivious ! It’s actually comical they haven’t even acknowledged anywhere on social media nor the joke of dev streams. They falsified crossplay to be convenient with friends when in actuality the system is HAPHAZARD.

It’s a fantastic game and I love it, but ALL of my friends have it on Playstation. If there is a way to work around it or to get them to show up, I’m willing to try anything. For now I think it’s just bugged. Please help Devs! Squish it