Crossbow for Predator and/or FT

Could we get a Crossbow for Predator and/or FT
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Unused Predator Crossbow weapon from AVP 2010 ported over to G-Mod
Links to images here
@IllFonic @Courier @OldKingHamlet

Also could you rescale the model for the combi it’s to big for Predator


Predator don’t need no stinkin crossbow when he can have the GAUSS CANNON

Speargun and wrist discs > crossbow

FT need a crossbow though


Hey speaking of witch him(edited my post from above). I also what him/his mask in the game, but his canon might become a skin variant of the HHPC

There is a similar mask in the files

This cannon is far too powerful to be a reskin of the hhpc imo

Yeah I can’t wait to get my hands in that mask

If givin the chance Illfonic will turn it into a reskin, regardless of powerful it is in canon

Yes to the crossbow.

No to the combi.

It’s not the movie combi, it’s a new combi with a City hunter combi skin. So there’s nothing to be movie accurate too.

Same for the net gun.

As well as the fact that you’d be nerfing the range on the combi.

I’d be for fireteam or Predator to get a crossbow but I’d prefer the speargun. That all being said if the weapons can be distinct I’d be cool with both.

Personally I’d love to get that gun the lost Hunter had. Thing looks powerful and loud.

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Just because the in game model changes size doesn’t mean you have to change the hitbox as well.
I personally don’t have to many problem with the length of the combi when fully extended, but I do have a problem with the unextended version. It’s just to THICK for my taste

Well the spear gun would have a faster rate of fire

That’s what She/He never said

It’s supposed to be like an Olympic javelin it’s got to be thin and aerodynamic

That was a sex joke that clearly went over your head 😂

Ya but then you have differences between the hitbox and weapon model which is never good.

Oh I know what it was

Tell that to the smart disc

Doesn’t melee with that thing suck?

You know this could actually work very well with my Rope Dart Idea, with different ammunition for the Arrow Bolts?

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It does more damage than wrist blades but you have to be right on top of them

Melee with most weapons suck, but all for different reasons

Disc specifically compared to others