Crossplay : The Death of Gaming

Who’s fucking bright idea was this?

In theory it’s a great idea but it has created more problems for the community

The hackers and differences in hardware make for an unenjoyable experience


Couldn’t agree more, if it isn’t the same experience through all platforms its shouldn’t have cross play, this game is prime example of it.


Crossplay is bad for every competitive game

The only one where it works well is Rocket League

Maybe DBD I haven’t tried it yet since crossplay became a thing

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DBD works well with crossplay, not alot of cheaters and doesn’t rely on aim to be good, unless your using Huntress or Deathslinger.

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It’s going to be interesting in the cold war beta when crossplay is introduced

Yeah with how bad warzone is its going to be a hacker breeding ground, Im not a cod fan so Im not playing it but I feel bad for console players.

I couldn’t get into a game of warzone or DBD with crossplay off

This is where the issue lies imo

I uninstalled warzone because of that

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Sony never wanted it but all the other game companies pushed for it so sony was forced into crossplay

I have crossplay off in PHG and it’s fine

Other games basically require crossplay


I start every day with crossplay on. Play with it till either A My homies get on and they all have it turned off, or B I get my shit pushed in by a pc death sqaud and I turn it off to lick my wounds clean lol

Smite not too bad for it tbh.
But only very few games are.

Smite I can see working well

Shooters is the big problem area


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No Man Sky works well with Crossplay basically cause its laid back game.

Mouse vs controller is the death of shooters because of the input advantage period. Unless controller gets insane aim assist like Warzone or Halo.

Hackers are also prominent in shooters because shooters by nature are client sided as its necessary for a smoother experience if the devs care about lag and people getting hit through walls. Granted games are moving away from client side as much as possible or we’re getting things like kernel-level pretty invasive & resource intensive anti-cheat.

I like cross play because I get shredded as Predator in seconds against PC teams. F-that. On the hand, sometimes those 4 team PS4 players are pretty easy to kill. Crossplay brings a balance.

And I use a controller on PC btw. I don’t consider this game some competitive shooter a la Fortnite or Counter-strike. I play this game for fun.

I heard mouse and keyboard were available for PS. I could be wrong.

Vast majority of console players aren’t sitting at a desk playing playstation lol. And its not the default input device so people aren’t going to go that route.

Crossplay for console DBD can be fine or a nightmare because of the devs’ inability to optimize the game. You could be stuck at less than 20 FPS as a Killer against four Survivors that can easily reach 60+ FPS. Hopefully the PS5 and XSX will fix it, even if it’s just through the consoles being so strong compared to the ones from this generation that they brute force through the problems.

It’s a good thing there are a lot of PS4 only players in DBD

I had no trouble finding matches that ran at mostly 60fps

DBD has come a long way

I’m having a blast finally learning how to play