Customizations for all

I believe all Customizations should be available to both genders in the game. Such as the alpha pred locks can be on female preds as well as the Viking biomask. Maybe even if you bought city hunter his skin variant can be used on all preds not just the city hunter. Same with FT’s and several of their customizations that are gender dependent. Anyone else agree?


As long every predator has there own specific gender I’m ok with it. I’ve been seeing people want female JH, alpha and samurai also Viking. Why can’t they just leave he genders alone


That’s fine, I just want all customizations available to both genders for more really awesome pred and FT setups/cosplays


I’m ok with that


Personally idc about the Viking or samurais gender since they’re essentially just berserkers with different armor however no one should mess with an established characters gender.


Just going to leave this here just on the in case
We need more FT outfits and Predator armors
Leave a suggestion or just comment

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I am indifferent on that front, I just think if I want to take the skin pattern from city hunter, the predlocks from alpha, the viking mask from viking, and put it on a female scout I should be able to


I agree except the skin patterns. Those should be exclusive to the skins to give them some value other slight stat changes and armor.

skin patterns are more so cosmetic than anything, but sadly they don’t have the options like that and its lame

Yeah I get it but I just don’t see it that way however this game seriously lacks customization options.

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I can agree to that

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Wonder what @Courier thoughts on this is and will it happen?

What’s the problem with adding more genders to them?

So samurai and Viking I couldn’t really care about but just leave JH alpha and elder alone

Elder is debatable, Only because there had been female elder predators.

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Whu though?

Does it just feels wrong?

If so its understandable but not objective.

Yeah but that particular Elder is from Predator 2

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This is true

Although I wouldn’t mind putting their armor on my Female Predators though

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