Danny glover/mike Harrigan

This guy would make an excellent contribution to the game and his character is loved by many and he could of easily gone private investigator and hunted these predators to keep his streets clean etc could of come across the same stuff as Dutch to keep him youthful etc


Yeah there’s already been allot of players hoping that happens, I’m one of them and here’s a post on the topic from awhile back.


Love this

Many people are on board with Mike, I think its budget right now.

Royce would be a cool addition, Sniper lady too, can’t remember her name.

Lex Woods - As much as I like, she’s not the right fit for a combat FT. As an audio mission/cameo sure that be dope, decked out in guns and armor, ehhhhhh.

Boyd - I prefer to stay away from 2018 for as long as possible