Dead by daylight update


Just wow

I might come back to the game.

With some more room as killer (in theory at least) may e the community will be less toxic

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DBD gets a major, major rework, yet a far simpler game like PHG gets jack. Sad.


DBD makes money, PHG doesn’t make shit. It’s a dead game.

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Wow ! That wwalking mechanic is pure Unreal engine default gold! no wonder its making a shit ton of money. They barely spent a dimes worth of work on it. All they do is tweak a million default mechanics and as long as there is blood effects people are happy. Not to mention a million icons to go with those default mechanics. I bet you “jump” is one of those mechanics.

A. The game has atmosphere

B. The chase mechanics are fun as well as the micromanagement you have to do across the game

C. The build variety is fun.

Your argument simplifies the gameplay and ignores the micro management that’s missed by newer players

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Thanks i just youtube searched ‘everything wrong with dead by daylight’. Thanks. thanks for saving me the trouble.

Oh I’m on yo ass for this one.

There is no atmosphere to dead by daylight.
Minecraft has more atmosphere.

The chase mechanics in that game are not fun.
Movement is way too slow and design is so horrible its impossible for it to be fun.

Micro management?
There ain’t sht to manage.

Play age of wonders then talk to me about micro management.

Build variety?
Please. Ain’t no different builds there.
Not actual different builds.

Wanna see different builds?
Look at games like diablo 2.

Fk outa here. Dead by daylight is shit.
Evil dead the game is literally what dead by daylight shoulda been.

Fight me.


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nobody will fight u on that one. That game is shit. a pretender in a world of contenders!

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See mass, you get it.

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It nails the atmosphere of horror games. The lighting is dark and it feels like a horror game aside from the horror.

Optimized movement, totem searching, healing survivors while dealing with gens, looking out for randomized loops, making sure your camera movement is Optimized against stealth killers, looking out for other clues of the killers location. There’s a lot of small things the average player doesn’t think about. These are like slide dashing in cod zombies. They aren’t much but add a lot fo satisfaction and thought to the gameplay.

And that’s just survivors.

Houdini build
Healer build
Killers Stalker
Spirits pallet breaker+quick pallet recovery perks
And that’s not counting the perk synergy with killers powers and add ons

There’s a reason why the game has remained as the top asymmetrical in the market even if that is a low bar.

A shitty atmosphere.
Looks theres games that are purposely made in pixel style that have actual horror atmosphere.

DbD doesn’t.

That’s not micro management.
That’s a gotta small things to keep in mind, but those are basic things found in many games.
But this is more is using the term differently.

You say micro management I think of taking care of resources, managing bases, diplomacy, ect.

Sorry esh, just like this game, there are no true builds in DbD.

As for why ppl like it, well that’s people just enjoying a bad game.

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Alright I’ll take blame for misused terms but you get the point. They add thought to the game that makes it more engaging

As for everything else

Your just making claims and not backing it up

Except for this part. This is a claim but given the context this makes sense in the conversation.

I didnt elaborate cause I figured you knew what I was talking about.
Thers a game called “I’m scared” that’s a pixel horror game that’s got good atmosphere.
Horror atmosphere to be specific.

Theres a bunch of other games I could mention too if you want me to.

As for builds, look at diablo 2.
Perfect example of actual builds.
A small change in percentages or minor gameplay changes dont make an actual different build.

But dead by daylight is flawed in its gameplay mechanics design.
The fact that a killer can only swing once and have to wait and slow down after a hit is the least interactive design one could imagine.

The survivors are boring as hell too, unless you like trolling.

Have you played evil dead yet?
Literally the best asym I’ve played thus far.
Fun as hell.

It’s a back and fort between demon and survivor, so feels interactive.

Another game being good or better doesn’t make others bad

No one uses a the stat changes other than maybe healing and mangled. And even then they’re not the highlights of a build.

And there’s more than minor gameplay changes when you can use the ruin rework paired with surveillance to automatically get Intel on gens. There’s multiple ways perks synergies together and especially with killer playstyles.

It’s a neutral reset. It’s no worse than neutral resets in fighting games.


That’s so not true.
Slow hits, or rather, long pause between attacks is horrible design depending on the game.
And in the case of DbD, its horrible.

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The slow hits allow the survivors room to maneuver, allows for body blocking (wich is effective against campers, generally unfun playstyle to face, as well as allows the team to counter tunneling, which isn’t unfun but is bad for the survivors) and sets the neutral for the killer.

You again only make a point and don’t back it up.

No no no, there’s no more of this didnt back it up.
Cause I made a extremely valid point.
Theres people that like dead by day light, but way more that dont.

And its because the things I mentioned.
No, all the slow hits do is allow the survivors to troll the killer and escape too easily. Not only that the only way to win is to do a boring ass task.

Campers? You mean guarding the hook?
Ya are that’s another flaw right there.
You work hard to finally hang a victim, and cant even defend it?

Oh and a pallet of all things stops you?
Like I could go on.

As a monster, unless you have actual, multiple different ways to effectively engage and kill your targets, having only one shitty one is flawed design.

Number one it’s not fun.
It’s boring as shit to have your goal to kill someone, but you can only hit them occasionally, and so ineffectively they can escape.

Second, it gives the team faction way too many chances to escape. Now, il extend an olive branch in this regard, if it was only 1 person. All this shit would be fine.
But 4?

It’s a wild goose chase that doesnt feel rewarding.

Like this horrible design is so against the killer that it’s just not fair. It would be fine, if the killers had other effective ways to engage, trap, and kill the survivors.

The other huge issue is the no defending a hooked person. Who in their right mind, would let anyone have a chance from breaking free out of something like that, when it doesn’t truly hinder the escaped victim in any way?

Like why dont people bleed to death?
You want to claim a horror element, when there’s basically like 2 or 3 horror elements in the game.

Wheres the broken limbs?
Wheres the getting grabbed and actually being killed like any normal human would be?

Wheres the trapping?
The possessions?

Theres so many things missing from this game that’s supposed to be dedicated to being like a tribute to horror.

Hell and let’s talk about the survivors.
Who the fuck, like what kind of degenerate only likes to run?

Cause you dont actually fight back.

Shit at least in evil dead you can, and you seal away the demon.
An even bigger offense?


like I could talk shit about that and roast that stupid decision, but all there really is to say that, that’s just a huge disrespect to these characters.

You might enjoy it. So do others. But it’s horribly designed gameplay.

Literally unless you enjoy trolling, there’s is no fun or challange to be had there.

But it’s the curse of assym games.

You literally cant have a nice feeling monster or solo faction because those who play the team faction are afraid of an actual challenge. They want the advantage even tho they have more numbers.

You cant keep saying I didnt back it up simply cause you dont agree or dont like what I said.

From a horror aspect, depending on the killer, they should be way more powerful and deadly, and have actual powers.

From a gameplay angle, it’s not engaging, interactive, challenging, fun, when your character as a serial killer or demon can not actually attack as what their supposed to be.

Like slit Achilles heel and watch them suffer or bleed out. Its horror. Theres a million options.

As a human, doing a fucking generator and only running away like a bitch isnt actually challenging or fun.

It’s a good party game to play with friends.
But that’s it. Too many flaws to be considered a true game.

Popularity fallacy

And just to clarify my point earlier was a point, not an argument.


There’s multiple factors to the imbalance of the game. If it was just the swing animation the perk that reduces swing time would be completely busted.


Yes the balancing is bad but that’s not an inherent to the mechanics, rather the the specific balance point behind the mechanics.

Third the real reason behind the bad balancing is gen time being too fast. Removing the swing animation would not fix this.

Fourth yes the gens are tedious but DBD is a game about snowballing. Later in the match a gainst a good killer will apply enough pressure force the survivors to juggle multiple tasks at once including evading the killer. Plus this is where the atmosphere helps cover for the flaws.

You can though. Take trapper and set bear traps around the hook. Any survivor will be forced to deal with the bear traps giving you time to get one hit in, and then the final hit by the time they’re unhooked, giving you a new victim and a fresh down on the unhooked survivor if you play your cards right.

And that’s just trapper at base let alone basement Bubba, or Freddy who can apply hook pressure from across the map. I’ve killed multiple survivors with Freddy because I’d down them in quick succession from patrolling their hooks.

The only exception is a four man gank but if they’re doing that how’s their gen progression? If it’s the end of the game, well you lost anyways.

Critism of dressing, not mechanics.

Do you use your killer ability? What about 50/50’s? Each killer has at least two that drastically changes how the game plays.


A. The survivors ability to win is not a flaw

B. The entire gameplay is getting a hit. The hit is a reward, not the action to the reward like other games.

I agree the balancing is shit but the mechanics are solid and the new update (likely because of the SBMM introduced) should hopefully fix that.

If it was one person the survivor would be fucked. God that’d be worse than PHG ever was.

There’s literally a killer called the trapper, you can use stealth killers to make injured survivors bait, spirit is amazing 50/50’s, and Bubba can defend hooks like fuck.

I’m a bit confused here

The middle part is sound, it makes sense why the killer would camp, but are you asking why survivors have a problem with it?

They literally do. It’s a whole mechanic. Not to mention it’s literally a different realm controlled by a god.

Why does God allow some one to live in pain when what the God wants is the person to live in pain.

Because it’s not an inherent to horror games?

Literally hundreds of them don’t have this.

Your literally being tortured. That is the set up for the game. This is a game, made by a god, to torture you. What you are suggesting is a quick death. A quick death is not torture. Further more the survivors can escape in order to give them false hope that makes their death worse so that they don’t become complacent.

It’s literally hell

Just because it’s not like other horror games doesn’t mean it’s bad or not horror.

Also memento mori, dying hope, Rancor.

Literally trapper and Freddy

Imagine how awful of a mechanic that’d be both fun and meta

50/50’s, stealth, juggling pressure.

Not an inherent to a good game

I’m 70% sure your the exact opposite. You want the solo faction to be overpowered so you troll them with your power fantasy. This is yhe only explanation for PHG have 20 FT that mow down (if I’m remembering that right) and One V one DBD

You literally didn’t

This is just you saying it is bad, not how it is bad.

Imagine playing survivor, dying in one hit, then having to sit there and do nothing.

Plus this doesn’t fix the mechanical problems you have with the game.

This only reinforces the point that you want a power fantasy where the survivors are there for your entertainment and not theirs.

Ok all you’re doing is, ignoring what I’ve put, wordplay, and focusing on what you think is valid points, trying to negate points that are actually valid.

The pallet thing is a mechanic.
You can label it as something else but it’s not.

Honestly your whole approach here is just lazy.

Like how you said that I’m only saying that it’s bad, not how bad it is. I literally mentioned multiple reasons why these things are a problem.

I’m not going to switch up my language just because you wanna use different wording, when I’ve stated facts.

Yes, depending on the killer chosen, they should be way more powerful. But that’s also applied in opposite.

For example. Ghost face doesn’t actually have any powers. So he should be one of the killers you can actually kill and fight.

Right there one small change, creates varied gameplay.

And no. It’s not really about a power fantasy.
Because if DbD was true horror and designed well, I could actually get into it on both sides.

Oh and btw, if it was actual torture, your wounds, resources, ect. Would carry over from match to match.
You wouldnt start fresh each round.

And yeah, I have been backing up my points.
You simply dont like what I’m saying or how I’m wording it. Sorry cupcake, I did. That you dont understand it or choose to ignore it is on you.

And if dbd was designed well, I would be doing a lot of mind games and making it out to feel like a horror movie, not just killing everyone quickly.

You can classify it as trolling but it’s not. Its literally playing the role of a demon or serial killer.

But going by what you’re saying its ok for the survivors to troll the killer, but god forbid the killer can.

Your ft is showing.

Well considering theres no clever or challenging puzzles, not having any combat makes the experience pointless. Unless you like to troll.

So you like chasing.
I guess you like playing tag.

How the fuck would possession be an awful mechanic?
Being able to posses objects and throw them, or pop a light bulb and cut them with the shards.

Or posses a generator and have it run away from the survivors like they do, or have it taunt them. Or burn them. The possibilities are endless.

And I mean actual traps. Like I shouldnt have to really explain that given how its been in gaming for years.
Like I can give you a million examples.

Freeze traps, explosives, stun, poison, ect.

The guarding the hook is something that the devs seem to discourage. It’s just stupid.
I’m basing that from the fact that tournaments dont allow that.

No one said the survivors being able to win is a flaw.
It’s the fact that it’s too easy to escape that’s the problem.

If I’m going up against a serial killer or demon I’m expecting things to be way harder than they are in that game.

Tell me, what’s fun about nurse having an asthma attack after her ability?

The times between attacks are the issue.
As well as abilities.
It’s bad design.
Give the survivors a dodge, or anything. Where you can avoid one or two hits if you’re good at timing.

You enjoy the game.
That’s whatever. You can have fun with it, go for it.
But its design is flawed.

The concept is good.
But the execution is horrible.

You still havent really explained why these things are good, only why they are.

If nothing more, it doesn’t capture the horror genre well at all.

And I can prove that easily.
What’s the most basic aspect of fear in horror movies?

Theres no real darkness in the game where the humans can barely see. Making it hard to navigate and avoid things.

It failing on such a simple horror thing, proves that it doesnt live up to the horror genre. That being the case its failed there.

Like I can go on, but at this point were just going in circles.

The game has massive potential because of its concept. But its flaws keep it from reaching its potential.