Dead by daylight

Howdy y’all
How many got dbd?
I’m looking for some people to play with, survive with friends, custom matches. Either one is fine with me just looking for some people to play with.
fuck I’m lonely


I’ve got the game but I haven’t played it since before they added the K-pop singer

Your welcome to play with me

Have it but it’s been a while since played last, I think when Kruger came out lol

I like to play as the killer

Not very good though

We all should do a survivor with friends
If we all are on PS

I only play as the killer tho

Survivors don’t interest me


Keep me posted if so I’ll reinstall


I would be down for some private games in Friday the 13th however

Or public for that matter

Haven’t played the final patch

I’ve never played Friday the 13th, but it does look fun to play

It’s surprisingly fun
IMO it’s better than PHG

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There was a lot of potential

It’s a real shame what happened with that game

Hell us three should hop on F13

I’m on PS4 what you got

Like what games I got?

Have ft13 if as well if looking to full the lobby

No as in pc or ps4 lol

I’m ps as well

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