Dead by Daylight

Anyone want to play this next Wednesday or so?

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Word of warning; DO NOT start a survive-with-friends. Just leads to salt from anyone who isn’t a streamer XD

Solo queue is the way to go, my guy.



It’s dbd everything starts salt with everybody

Absolutely swf


What does Scottish Women’s Football have to do with anything?

Also, anybody who takes playing DbD seriously… Well, let’s just say you can be pretty sure they have wet dreams about getting pegged by lady Dimitrescu XD


New killer and survivor tomorrow

Lmfao the other day I loaded into a lobby against 4 FLASHLIGHT spammers so I just brought Lightborn and made them rage with Myers🤣🤣🤣

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Use Franklins instead paired with either starstruck or forced penance. Makes those flashlight and sabo squads less ballsy.

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As much as I hate Myers, lightborn is one of my favorite perks because it completely cucks anyone in rank 1 with a flashlight XD
It’s pretty fun to use on devourgorgon, because there is literally fuck all the can do to stop you and as a result, you just generally end up meming around for a bit and then wrecking their shit once they pop the last gen lol

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Ya but you kind of want then to be ballsy

If they’re failing to make the play but wasting their time dattenpting it, then that’s free pressure

This new killer is op

Even the devs said playing it competitively was dumb

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No he’s not. This killer is supposed to be an anti loop killer but he’s more of a shittier bubba the way he’s able to camp hooks.

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The knight?! I played him yesterday how is he like bubba he summons in his goons the only thing similar to bubba is if you hold down attack he can sprint for 1 second and if a minion spots you you get one shot by the knight

Agreed jumbo jimbo

Okay, fuck right of lmao
You can facecamp with legit any killer, for starters - it’s not exclusive to bubba and knight. Also, they don’t call the knight a strategic killer for nothing. You need a brain to be able to use him effectively, and he’s not solely designed to counter loops. The list of anti-loopers is pretty long - Pyramid, Nemesis, Nurse, even demogorgon in the right circumstances. Secondly, you can do some pretty cool shit with the knight’s bois, because having insidious on knight means you can just hide behind a corner, send a minion to hit a survivor then just pop out from cover and down them instantly. The power also enables a sort of auto-gen break, allowing you to chase survivors and damage gens at the same time, giving you good pressure on basically everything. And don’t get me started on the window-block addon… The possibilities of evil are legit endless. If I had to sum up the knight in one png, it would be this:

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Don’t forget the scream add on with deadlock for gen pressure

Ooooh… You’ve just made me a very erect man, Eshtion. Aight imma have to try that out right now lol

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Yes every killer can face camp but some killers do it better. Twins for example aren’t nearly as good as bubba as he can instantly down everyone that gets close whereas twins can’t. Knight can put down a minion to patrol and the second anyone goes for a save they’re looking at two hits in one. If two people go for a save, one will have to deal with the minion and the other with knight himself.

Never said he was The anti-loop killer only that he is one. His main anti-loop being, they’re at a safe loop, deploy minion in front of you and now they have to move to the next one or they will be hit.

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bruh they’re looking at that anyway
It all depends how you play the build, and knight sure as hell wasn’t designed for camping the way bubba was. 'Sides, there’s a massive difference between camping and pressure. The killer is able to be in 2 places at once, that’s useful for camping sure, but anyone with half a brain cell will use it in a more sensible fashion.

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Not really though unless you catch them before the save. Being that knight can cover more ground he’s much better than most at camping. A wraith for example will never be able to camp like he can and can only hit one at a time. Camping may not be his intended purpose just like bubba isn’t supposed to be a camper but people will do it anyway.