Dead pred, dead game.

If they make the predators so unfun to play who will be there to play predator? This game won’t be able to survive on clash alone. Typical Friday night predator queue times should be between 7 and 10 minutes. Last night a que times were between 3 and 4 minutes. Maybe it’s just my time zone that I play in but that tells me that nobody’s enjoying playing predator.
Watch my son play a match last night where three supports two field medic one overseer just hung out in a house and never came out. My poor kid done all he could one would go down and immediately come back up there’s no way he could get into the room to claim without getting melted, plasma shots don’t down anything before they’re back up. I played one, two assault unleashed, Dutch deadly, support field medic. The assaults had a general idea of where I was in my first bow shot and started chucking grenades lost half my health in a few shots in one grenade. They continue to trace me and track me. Can’t attack at range because everything the predator uses gives his position away, so I can only fire one shot before having to get away because of incoming grenades instantaneously.

My ultimate point here is, if no one wants to play predator what can this game live on?

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The wait times are 5 minutes plus. Almost reaching nearly 9 minutes. This is both a combo of them trying to make times better and maybe a small turnaround.

Imo this game is in the early stages of becoming the best pred game in existence. (Literally just announced a movie, hello… more pred content for the future). Star wars BF2 took nearly a full year to be where it is now. RDR2 just recievd its first online update in over a year not too long ago. Both triple A studios

The only reason this game will die is if people continue to not self reflect and stop pointing their fingers at the game.

Literally anyone that plays cod/fortnite/any other shooter in existence, rages, then thinks about how they don’t die next time.

Why has this game been black listed and is being treated any different…

This game has fallen victim to people expecting a polished product, when it was released in the dead center of a pandemic forced to be released on schedule.

This game will only get better when people decide to be constructive instead of destructive.

Coming from someone that plays, wins and loses on both sides Pred/Ft.


There is currently a lag bug all week long. Not sure lots of people are turned off by that. including myself. But since wait times for pred are low, i will consider getting a few games in.

Yes I’m absolutely expecting a game that I paid for to be polished and not have to wait a year for the game to work properly lol

The points your make are those of a beginner. You cant play this game and sleep while at it. There is a constant strategy with playing as pred. You will get melted if you’re not consistent with your attack /retreat/attack/rest pattern. Making it difficult for them to do their mission is most important.

But the lag/popping is making this game less enjoyable. Not sure what the issue is, maybe nobody in my timezone is playing and im forced to play with others across the globe.

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Okay I now regret making the thread. Didn’t need git gud lol

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You’re gonna have to. Reality.

and besides all you’re doing is proving my point if someone buys this game and wants to play predator they’re not going to enjoy it That’s my point.

No. What you’re saying is that you think there is no skill involved, and that playing pred should be like driving a train through a street market blind folded.
You obviously don’t know what this game is about. All this work placed into the customization of your gears/classes/weapon loadouts…its all there. Work with it. If you’re saying, all weapons should be great for against anytime of human…get gud. Now i’m sick of talking about this.

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I feel sorry for your son, but this how the develper want this game to be. They know that the fireteam is super op and in their stream they were playing all 4 assault with deadly of course they know is op. They kille dtheir developer Predator player in one minute on Derailed. They dont want to male this game good on purpose.


No I’m saying you a cheerleader that obviously thinks he better than everyone else.
You have an entire forum screaming about balance and you stand on your island with your pom poms and skirt jumping up and down screaming, “everything’s all right you guys, you just don’t know how to play as well as I do”


Eat my pom pom

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I’m not attacking you, but this is just alarmist bs. Your calculations do not include the fact that the PlayStation 5 just dropped so of course every other game is going to be lacking players. This has been happening since the super Nintendo 😜😜. Additionally I have been wiping fools left right in the center with the predator and, either stone cold sober or high off my tits I am enjoying the ever living hell out of it.

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U would love to. I don’t hate u just wish u weren’t so git gud. It’s just not always the appropriate answer man.

That guy literally just looks for posts and responses that disagree with the direction of this game just so he can respond with git gud and troll ppl. Guy has no life so dont bother even replying to him. It’s exactly what he craves.


You’re either trolling or you’re being petulant and childish. If you want to have the feeling of being invincible and that no one can touch you then you need to get off of multiplayer games and go back to Mario

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I’m aware. Just gets old.

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At least your life isn’t dedicated to being addicted to a single forum so there’s an upside.

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Again you’ve completely missed the point. I’m asking a simple question of which no one has answered. If the majority people are not having fun playing predator can this game survive?
It’s cool that everybody thinks they’re good enough to save a game by themselves.

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Lol that’s a pure hypothetical, and if you’re going to ask a stupid question I’ll give you a stupid answer: if no one plays a game then it will not survive. I have not had to wait longer than 4 minutes for a match and I have seen Non-Stop activity in the various forums on Reddit and here . your assertation that the game is dying is deeply flawed and smacks of someone fishing for attention