Dead Space, The Callisto Protocol, and Negative Atmosphere

I loved Dead Space 1&2, wish I could have played the spin off games. Now we got another chance at getting another good Dead Space game with these spiritual successors and the upcoming remake.

What are your thoughts


Need to see more

Dead space trilogy is fire

I liked the first. 2nd and 3rd kind of lost the touch. But in general I don’t find third person scary enough.

Will miss the dead space trilogy, mostly 1


I really hope EA remasters them one day

I can completely agree with the 3rd one, but I’d like to hear why you think Dead Space 2 lost its touch

DS1 had better pacing and atmosphere. DS2 has more consistent action & improved the gameplay though.

Preferred the claustrophobicness of the original. DS2 was when the franchise started leaning towards action.


I pray for the day if there will ever be a dead space remake but i think we know that’s not happening anytime soon, we’ll have to see how negative atmosphere and Callisto protocol are when they come out. I hope they are just as good or better, I’m excited


Oh shit I had almost forgotten about Negative Atmosphere


You make some valid points that DS2 did lean towards more action over horror, but DS2 at least didn’t jump into the deep end and drown like DS3

Yeah we do need more info about the game
Hopefully both Callisto Protocol and Negative Atmosphere live up to the hype

I won’t get my hopes up due to it’ll probably come out all big and hyped then a buggy mess like Cyberpunk and so many other games this year

Well seeing as how Callisto Protocol is scheduled for 2022 I can easily wait to see it’s progress
I don’t know when Negative Atmosphere will release

Hopefully developers/publishers will learn from this, I’m just hoping cyberpunk set up an example but who knows it might not

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Maybe, maybe not

Cyberpunk will indeed set an example, but what kind of example. Only time will tell

Probably not, most will keep doing exactly what they do without a care in the world.

Hopefully they turn out good

I really want another good horror game in space

I played the Dead Space games back when they came out, couldn’t play/use the online features though. Because I didn’t have internet back then.

Now this is the first time I’m hearing about Callisto Protocol and Negative Atmosphere, I might have to look them up

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