Dead Space, The Callisto Protocol, and Negative Atmosphere


But that was never scary he said he wanted scary

A Starship Troopers game would be interesting

You would be scared if you had to fight a swarm of huge insects

Anyone would be

The Thing would be great in space

Thanks for reminding me I want a new Thing game

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To bad we’ll never get anything related to “The Thing” because of the prequel

I was referring to the actual movie. I’m sure if they actually put their minds to it it would be scary

Seen the anime?

Witch one?

Dead Space: Downfall

Yeah I’ve seen it

Oh did you like it?

It’s been a long time since I’ve watched both Downfall and Aftermath. I think I had a positive view of both of them, but my opinion could be quiet different now.

So I’d have to try and find a copy of them so I can rewatch them.

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Ok let me know maybe that will help us decide if it needs a sequel till then CHECK THIS OUT LOL

Good video

Here is a Dead Space related video

Don’t let the title fool you
Also there is a post credit scene at 4:10
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Lol that was great

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Any new info

The Callisto Protocol devs have gone silent, most likely working on the game.

Negative Atmosphere ¯_(ツ)_/¯ I’m not a member of their Patreon so I don’t know

Well sometimes no new us good news

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