Defeating good FTs

What predator class would be better to fight good, coordinated fireteam’s, Wolf, Cleopatra, Hunter, or a different class.


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Cleopatra, especially if you’re unfortunate enough to have to fight them on Night mode.


Why is Cleopatra better on night mode?

Night mode is generally only a detriment if you’re heavily bleeding as pred. Sooooo don’t get shot

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I wanna say Wolf

She’s Elder but faster & tankier and Dithered is useless on Night anyways so her perk loadouts are better generally.

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Valkyrie fervent medic large pouch down range bow disk

Hunter is the better Fervent. You can’t carry traps with Valkyrie

Hunter or city hunter, everything else is usually shit.

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Hunter/Jungle Hunter/ Captured is S tier
City Hunter is S tier
Cleopatra is S tier
Elder can be S tier if you use him right. You need to be smart when using him. You have to utilise Plasma from range with Dithered lens and Smart Disc very effectively. Only go in with Bow to finish off a kill or if a player is low or alone.
Valkyrie is high A to low S tier because she is a very good class that gets around the map quickly, is very mobile, and also very versatile, but her lack of traps is what puts her below the normal Hunter.
Wolf is B to low A tier at best. His only considerable attributes that set him apart is his very high energy reserves and insane movement speed. You don’t really need adrenal boost on him so you could just go for either of these two builds:
Wolf Assassin
Smart Disc , Yautja Bow
Healing kit , Motion detectors
Large pouch, Medic, Down range
Dithered lens, Down Range, Energy cell.
The latter option would be used as pretty much a pure plasma build or for staying cloaked for a long time while using Disc from afar. You can do 4 fully charged plasma shots before going into energy overload while cloaked.

Mr Black is an ok class probably around mid A tier as he is better than Wolf IMO but nowhere near the level of Hunter, City Hunter etc.

My personal favourites are:
Jungle Hunter 87 Fervent or Tracker
Smart Disc or Combistick
Yautja Bow
Healing kit, Bear Traps
Large pouch, Medic, Down Range

City Hunter '97 Analytic
Smart Disc or Combistick
Yautja Bow or Plasma pistol
Heal kit, Bear traps and Wrist launcher (because it’s mandatory)
Either one of
Large Pouch, Medic, Ironside/Trapper
Medic, Down Range, Modified reserve.

Hope I’ve been of help👍


About Valk.

Traps are kinda RNG against good teams, especially now when you can destroy them mid air.

Valk Fervent with down range claps hard tbh.

I like Falconer too, but low health pool just goes puff against PC players.

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My Main Pred at the moment is Wolf. He had no Red lights on his body armor, only the Red dot from his plasma like All other predators. So you nearly cant See him at night mode.

His speed is awesome! I use him with large porge, medic and adrenal boost.


Is Cleopatra stalker bow, combistick, adrenal boost, downrange, and large pouch good for taking on good teams?


I find against good teams traps aren’t worth much. Valk is more mobile and has better health

I would say NOT Berserker, Viking, Samurai, or Cleo, unless you can fit Adrenal Boost into your playstyle, because they just don’t have the stamina to stay mobile.

Yeah it’s good but I personally prefer:
Cleopatra Stalker
Smart Disc, Yautja Bow
Heal kit , Bear traps and motion detectors
Large Pouch, Medic, Adrenal Boost.

You don’t necessarily need Down Range as you already have great damage potential from Stalker spec and Smart Disc. You can also play more aggressively with Cleopatra than Elder. I have beaten some of the best PC teams in the game with this loadout.

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I don’t know about cleopatra, she just seems off.

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Cleo is legit the best option you’re gonna have for night mode, hell she’s probably your best option a lot of other times too having the best overall stat distribution.

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