delete the ability to parry the predator

whoever created this ability have a very low level of intelligence

if you melee the predator 1vs1 you can parry him/her and stun for a moment the predator

thats just disgusting

thats like a pawn parrying the queen

no way you could parry the predator in reality

that ability needs to be deleted, makes the game unfair and boring

a weak lady scout predator be parryed and fired by 4 soldiers, is just unfair dude, just accept it


If you think that’s fun wait till you get 4 AK’s with Bane on and get melted in 2 seconds.


If they want remove perry they would have also to decrease damage of all melee weapon , like making them to need 8/10 hit to down a ft. Melee is so EASY and STRONG in this game, if you miss your opportunity to parry you are dead. Parry is a must for this game specially agaist elder sword. Not to mention the amazing tracking of all melee weapons…


Or just not stand in front of fireteam trying to play thumb war while the rest of the team melts you.


I would like to point out how hard is to parry the elder sword as it is, if he starts from the back… You better hope your team has very good reaction times.


The last line is especially egregious, you want the game to be unfair for the other 4 players.


@scarletxxx4 How do you think the gameplay would be like if they removed parry? All predators would jump in with combistick and swipe whole Fireteam down in seconds. I don’t think you used your brain before making this post.

Go watch Predator 2.


I get it. Knife Parrying can be annoying, but this is a ridiculous request. The FT needs to be able to defend itself at close-quarters. To me, the ‘melt’ weapons that wipe you out in seconds are much more of an issue.

If you’re not already, try quick, fleeting attacks using the Elder Sword, and avoid getting into long drawn out melees.

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Dude… you just got to move around more, hit them from the sides or behind. There is no FT that has out parried my attacks in months.


Asking to remove the ability to parry shows you haven’t played a match as FT. If you remove parrying you’d have to nerf the hell out of the damage output since the FT will no longer have the ability to defend themselves at all up close. If you think I’m wrong go and play a match as FT, if the predator gets up in your face with melee do not parry and see how far you get.

To reply to this post and not be annoyed means you have mastered the art of troll engagement. To not see the troll, is to not know you are being punked.
Very classy but foolish.

Git Gud scrub Predator

@behrg see not the only one

The line between salty players and trolls on this forum has gotten pretty thin lately.


I don’t think they should delete it. Instead they should EXTERMINATE it!



Parry dont need to be deleted however stating should cost stamina. You shouldn’t not be able to stab after have parried twice and have no stamina damnit

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So you should be able to slow them down but not defend yourself. There’s barely any time to the stun now.
Any more nerfs and you might as well delete it.

Man you see the damage by the knives? Its ridiculous in any way that need to change you should never be able to win against a pred on a 1v1 just by spinning around him like a keyblade


So stop trying to take down your prey head on…

Even fucking lions understand this concept.

Try actually using the predator/prey mechanics instead of trying to be an arcade hero.