Delta variant is horse shit

Change my mind

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I shit on your dead, brother


2Girls 1Cup

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Please just get your vaccine so people don’t die it’s literally free and FDA approved now

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Fuck the vaccine and fuck this Corona bullshit.

Its the shots that has hospitalised alot of people and now they even refer to the vaccinated as the super spreaders .

People that refuse the jab and masks? It is them that need to keep away from the carriers , not the other way around . Only in 2021 where everything is backwards.

The jab causes spike proteins , over time the spike will make your immune system crash against illness . Its all out there to see , not opinion, but FACT


Incorrect. They simply reissued the EUA for the Pfizer “vaccine”. The one that’s FDA “approved” isn’t available and under a different name.

I have to say this from personal experience. I contracted the virus back in December and I got over it fairly easy, no major symptoms. I gave it to my sister and she had a much worse time than me. I had to take her to the ER twice because she kept having trouble breathing. It took her about 3 weeks to get over it.

Now, my sister works in the medical field and she does covid tests and is around sick people every day. Up to now, neither she or I have gotten sick again. What I’m trying to say is that once you develop natural immunity I would say that it’s safe to assume you won’t get sick again, or at least for a very long time.

I have not been vaccinated because I rather keep letting my body fight any future infections naturally because I have already build an immune defense against covid, but if you have not gotten sick yet, I would say it would probably be a good idea to get vaccinated. I mean, I’m not a conspiracy theorist and I’m not against vaccines. So, could be better to get vaccinated instead of risking getting sick not knowing how your body will react to the real virus. You could get over it fairly easy like me, or be one of those who ends up in the hospital, or worse.

So, idk up to you…


Plus natural immunity is longer lasting and more effective. The mRNA vaccines only recognize the spike protein of covid cells and once that mutates the “vaccine” is worthless where as your natural immune system would still recognize it for the foreign invader it is.

Not to mention the vaxx over rides your bodies natural antibodies and will actually interfere with it.


Also rips apart the cell walls in your lungs and heart and causes microscopic blood clots that only a D Dimer test can detect and overtime will lead to less oxygen intake and distribution

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I understand that, but I would have to say that for the meantime it could be a good idea to get a shot to at least let your body recognize the virus just in case. But I’m not one to try to force or convince people on what they should do. I’m just saying from experience if anyone hasn’t built a natural defense, it would probably be a good idea to get a dose or two just in case.

But I have to ad, do all the necessary research first and decide. There is a lot of pros and cons I think, I’m not too sure.

sorry i don’t trust religious biased writings on science they tend to be pretty wrong based on historic precedence ie they thought the earth was the center of the solar system

we know the CV can kill people and causes permanent damage the vaccine side effects are far less likely to do any damage

more people get vaccinated we will hit 60–70% immunity and can go back to living normal lives again rather than this bonkers shit were dealing with now and then we don’t’ have to worry about mutation variants that we have to get NEW vaccines for starting the whole pandemic process over again

please believe in science people spend alot of man hours doing their research for a reason
vaccines are one of the greatest human inventions that eradicate diseases entirely as long as people get them and the anti vaxx movement as we know it was started by an insane doctor who wanted people’s money selling his friends bone marrow to cure a fake bowel disease he claimed caused autism

I’m sorry , but everything after us knowing covid kills people? Is totally false.

There is enough data and testimony from people to shoot that down totally.

The cdc recorded the highest number of deaths from a jab than previous years combined . I personally know people who have had strokes and people that have died after taking it

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that’s misinformation Covid does kill people and does cause permanent damage

that would imply they would have died getting covid then and even then if the death rate is far lower than the actual virus it’s still worth to save everyone else

it doesn’t matter how many people die in a single instance it matters how many people die over a period of time

see the trolley problem

I said I agreed on that , what I actually said was that the jab does kill and does do damage . Its proven

Religious based? It links to the FDA and child health care sites. Are you legitimately retarded? Serious question.

And I would say you maskers and covid doomers have more of a religious orthodoxy than the fucking catholic church at the height of their power. So instead of just ignoring what the site and ITS LINKS say, how about you actually read it? Or are you just to going to listen to anonymous “experts” and unelected beurocrats?

I am going to listen to my scientific experts and elected officials who believe in saving lives and getting rid of dangerous diseases yes

Wow , even if the jab causes death , still do it? Fuck me .

Who knows how many it could kill and even the cdc themselves have said is possible it would cause long term issues .so we should trust them when cherrypicking what is true and what isn’t?

The only thing they save is money, into their pockets and less to pay civilians