developers wake up before it's too late

This is 1000% true tbh Idk what will revive it or even what they can add

They would needa do a whole rework on everything and actual testing lol


As a Scout you can avoid the Predator if you’re good, Support does not have the same option. Also as a Scout, if you’re running them down and they get the heal off, parry might keep you alive long enough for your team to catch up. Had it happen earlier today.

Changing it while unnecessary, might happen. I think someone suggested a roll, which would be cool but I’d like to have the option to use whichever mechanic I like, rather than it just being swapped out. Different options would add variety and dynamic play.

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Xenomorphs? That could help…or bear with me…
Release JH87 to those who purchase the season pass for the next roadmap!!! @OldKingHamlet

runs away knowing things are about to fly at him

😂 sorry J/K I couldn’t resist…

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Your right about not every class having that same level of mobility, but a support also has a lot more health, mind you.

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Options are always best IMO, and a roll could be really cool actually, and have way more uses than just for melee, maybe even a small damage buff (if you time it perfectly) for a short period of time afterwards. Or maybe even the ability to use your firearm as a temporary shield at the cost of it maybe breaking after so many blocks or you just get a reduced damage % based on the weapons clashing? There’s still a lot of cool stuff they can do.
Feel Free to use my Ideas all I ask is more cool Predators and weapons 😁

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Currently I am just playing with randoms, being a random too. In the end, I nearly always am neither the best nor the worst in terms of predator damage and AI count.

So, I guess, I am neither a newbie nor a professional yet. Might be I am a good example for the player type most often with randoms…

I do not count wins nor losses - but my feeling is, that my statistics are quite even. As Scarface and others mentioned, the game from my POV is quite balanced for the middle-rated PS4 players (just playing PS4 in the moment, as it is true, that playing with PC seldom is fun; @illfonic: pleeeeease, give us an aim-assist…)

If you play private matches - why don’t you arrange some own, additonal rules to balance it for the pros too? E.g. play 1 vs 3 or forbid reviving or or or…?

Maybe Illfonic could add the possibility to choose whether one wants to play in a 3-man-ft or in a 4-man-ft. Those claiming to be pros: go with a 3-man-ft…

So or so, from my POV it is not the balance which is the biggest problem yet. More newbies are deterred by the missing information / tutorials and the very complex and hard to learn game mechanics, missing things like aim-assist, cheating PC players, the crashes/bugs and so on… I think, these things should be addressed first.

Let the predator be ‘smoothed’ and wonder, how much that makes the pred players happier :)

Predators don’t come in for melee, because they fear getting parried. If the parry threat wasn’t there, fireteams would get slaughtered by katanas and elder swords every time.

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4 minute queues for a 5 minute match though.

Just take away the goofy ass stun from the parry and it’s all good. It’s absolutely stupid that one parry stuns a pred for like 2 seconds. Which in some cases is enough to second wind a pred

I dont think so , fireteam was already stronger in the previous patch and it didnt need more damage. You can see also in the torunament for PS4 , they put million of restrictions because they knew Predator was already weak in the past. Now is just fucked up.


As long as they keep trying to make the game fun, it will be okay I think.

All of this. Parry shouldn’t be removed, but it shouldn’t be so easily spammable.

I’ve had low health FT who are clearly very good at playing, parry almost every single attack I make until my stamina runs out (when I usually whip out the net fun or PC to break that block). I mean, good on that player for being quick enough to whip out the knife and mash parry at the right times, but I’m a massive alien hunter getting blocked by a weedy recon with a sheath knife?

Parry should be able to give a second or two’s relief so the FT can come and assist the player being attacked, not let them go 1vs1

And yes, I am neither a great player nor willing to “git gud”, I play for fun

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I pred mostly, but when I play FT I’ll win 80% of my exchanges with the pred melee just because it’s so easy

95% of players don’t use the disc (which imo is the hardest to parry)

All you do is spam R2 and make sure your 11ft alien is in front of you and so close you can smell his bellybutton. If you miss the parry you probably gunna hurt him still

It’s a mechanic to delay, it shouldn’t really have The amount of damage It has now

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This is from 3 months ago, imagine now with new bane more hp, speed and people that are better because of practise. Just non sense with new Bane. Fireteam dont need more damage.

There is no “new bane.” Yautja’s Bane has always been and still is 10% more damage. The main reason fireteams are stronger is “new thick skin” and “new double time.”

Also, I think some guns might have gotten a shadow buff to damage. I’m not sure, because there’s no source for damage values previously, but the QR4 can second wind a hunter in 39 hits which seems stronger than before.

I’ve heard BANE was bugged before not doing 10% more damage? Not sure since I don’t use it. I play support with thick skin and iron lungs :P

Possibility with some weapons. But a few months ago I did some damage tests with the gosl-r, sawz50, 7en, and zr55, and our calculations put the damage difference at 10%. This isn’t every weapon, so maybe some were not working properly. Many players don’t know that damage drop off starts immediately at 0m, so some weapons like the ar-w and zr-55 can lose 20% of there max damage at only 10m away, so you have to be at the exact same distance every test run. I haven’t tested this again since 2.03, but my gut feeling is that there was a shadow buff to range. I haven’t got the chance to actually test this yet.

no Bane got buff as can see in the patch notes, plus we tested and all weapons are doing more damage than before . The health of the Hunter is always been 1250. If you think that damage is ok then I just gladly ask you to play one game againt me and myu friend and see with your eyes if the damage is ok or not.

we tested and the damaeg is more now, one granade is 25% hp of pred , this is not normal. Every Predators die in 30 seconds because you have not the hp for capitalize from a down ft member. It’s not a opinion, it’s just facts.

Can confirm that - I always got slaughtered in melee until yesterday; I then by accident found out, that I might have used the wrong button for parrying since then… ;)

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