Disney holdin out!!

Man fuck disney…the alien/predator fans want more and they either have or shut down anymore content that was being made or was finished already…

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The best anime of Aliens was done by AI IMHO. But it was basically a really pretty doll as ripley and newt and other pretty dolls as ash and hicks et all.

They ruined Star Wars…

They’ve learned from their mistakes and have decided not to release this (probably) garbage show and preserve the sanity of all the fans

Fallen order is pretty good IMHO.


Fallen order was great

I would play survivor if they had it for ps4 but nooooo


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Got my copy for 5 bucks on sale!

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Every damn day it’s a struggle to have one good thing in this community💀😤

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Oh one of them guys huh…well I’d beg to differ cus if they learned they wouldn’t keep making the same mistakes thats costing them money. I actually hope they keep it up so ppl will just boycott them then maybe alien and predator will go to worthy company. I do agree they fucked up star wars tho

Wish I had a ps5…

Failed all the test screenings if tru

If its according to disney then it won’t pass unless theirs propoganda or social justive bullshit at the forefront

I’ll contest that if its anything like the fucking goddamn animes that i see today like Castlevania and naruto, cyberpunk anime I will not even give a fuck. There is a trend of these studios knocking off the same anime model…I mean…remember Manga? There use to be a real value in making manga dramatic with emotions of sadness and anger. …anime is basically AVatar the last airbender put on steroids and basically its beginning to be a problem.

It wasn’t Disney, it was Fox who shelved it, as it was completed around 2016 which was before the acquisition. Most likely because AvP was considered a “bad word” at Fox due to the failure of the films and Ridley doing his thing with the prequels. And since Disney lieks dat money, they fear releasing a “bad” product.

Money talks with big corpos after all. Still doesn’t give either company an excuse to hog the series to themselves.


Ant-man 3 was a modern Spy Kids 3D. Thor 4 was utterly incoherent. These movies are still going to gross 300mil easy even if they AI generate the script.

AvP doesn’t have a big enough fanbase to justify bothering trying to milk it.
Alien is only still going because it’s Scott’s pet project. The stuff that goes to direct to streaming + comics no one is reading is a tax writeoff.




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That’s because Marvel is a bigger IP then Alien, Predator, and AVP combined. It appeals to a mass audience so of course it will rake in big bucks.

Idk, I seen folks who had no interest in Cyberpunk jump on the anime because it’s anime. The Predator was supposed to put the series into the dirt until Prey popped off and to a degree even PHG grew the lore into something more interesting for the fans to eat. Say what one will about Prey but it did well with audiences with an apparent sequel in the works as a result. AVP can add to the growth of the interest if they released it, seeing how it got others interested outside the fanbase when you saw all those articles and tweets about the series discussing about it with interest.

Invest in the series I say, its a new decade, new slate, no current audiences outside the base even remembers the AVP films so let this anime gather new interest. They have it done, so fuck it, just drop that shit into public opinion and lets see how it goes.

Cyberpunk was a tabletop long before the shitty game. It’s not hard to adapt. Bladerunner, Ghost in the Shell, etc all the same vein of sci-fi. Characters have absurd modifications and the setting allows for a lot more. Everyone getting dumpsterer by smasher or a corpo squad is an understandable outcome.

AvP is nonsense to adapt and is its own category. You essentially have to remake Aliens in current year with a predator in the mix without people going numb from sheer B-movieness. Aliens can’t keep its lovecraft horror tone with predator running around doing weeb shit so it turns into an action shlockfest versus movie. AvP is campy as fuck because predator is about campy space jamacians trying to kill stuff in roundabout god complex ways and then dying.
Both are sneaky monsters which is kind of redundant so predators get turned into WWE warriors and then BOOM its shlock because aliens have to get turned into the zerg to compensate for this until they get to the boss and die. And then you have humans that must be forced into the movie to explain the plot the entire time.

Ridley Scott keeps doing avant grande psuedosenile shit with Alien because its not like there’s a bunch of outcomes for a monster slasher and you have to keep people engaged however many hours watching a creature they already know everything about, its why they stopped remaking Jaws even with shark autists demanding more jaws. And Meg went dark comedy, and The Predator went dark comedy

Not even that but you’re put into a position where you are stuck following either colonial marines (good luck recapturing Aliens) or a Jane Modern Doe 2023 beat both at the end.
Because you know damn well we aren’t following a nonhuman protag in a silent film in a mental exercise on the audience’s ability to intepret an alien with a hockey mask.

lol lmao. The Predator grew the lore. This is meaningless and the lore is meaningless. Transformers is a well established series with endless pages of backstory and a movie comes out and trash all of it instantaneously.
LOTR isn’t sacred so nothing is.
Holy canon comic just dumpstered like 28 predators nice lore.

Anyway Dead franchise. Morpheus & Del Toro couldn’t save it. Predators was the high production hail mary. And we got dogs, drones, safari planet, pred vs pred. Characteristic of a pred movie.

Prey is embarassed to be a predator movie and can be swapped with literally any movie monster capable of stepping into beartraps & the outcome would be no different. You could juxtapose Jason over Feral and its the same movie.

Minus the red dot and scene where he obsessively stared at a skull in the middle of nowhere and got shot in the back of the head if you can call that characteristic of this franchise?
They even removed the duels and he just ran off like a bitch.
Take Predator, remove anything clever or intelligent, remove the mimicry, invisibility(because him fighting invisible made no difference besides the studio saving money), high tech weapons just have him run around with a sword roaring and get injured every encounter before blundering into all of arnies traps and being pulled into a mud pit. And add a half hour of coming of age drama before any of that.

All of the tropes the original Predator movie was built to deconstruct.

If there’s one thing executives understand it was that AvP was the product of a fad in an era of versus movies mashing together the worst of both franchises into absolute schlock.

Tl;dr Hard to swallow pills.

I want a transgender pred from Disney. It’s time to evolve this series and bring the redneck fan base inti the new millennia. I want QUEER aliens. I’m sick of you PATRIARCHAL LOSERS crafting my entertainment. Nothing more do I love than grabbing my LGBTQ approved BUD LIGHT and watching GLADRIEL own some fools in that new LORD OF THE RINGS show. Nothing I love more than seeing LESBIANS stick it to the WHITE MAN!!! #GETSOME

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The AVP films suck, we know it. Thing is we don’t need to look back at the films for examples of how shit it can be when novels, games, and comics done a decent telling of AVP stories with an interesting story. Hell, the first comic run was always the one that many creators wanted to adapt either into the big screen or in an animated format, as one of the interviews said they wanted to adapt into an anime at first. Either it was too expensive or some other suit reason, it just couldn’t be made. One thing I do hate is how some writers can’t get out of Predator/human team ups and not try to have a 3 way antagonism. It was neat the first few times but now its the staple of the series almost, and I agree that it has some meh moments too. Which leads us too…

Ok and…? Following a Colonial Marine, unlucky colonist, unlucky space trucker, ect. in the future is not a bad idea in general. You just hate human element, which is your thing that’s fine. Doesn’t make it bad, don’t give a shit. Hell, we can have either or and have the film end with the Predator or Alien coming out on top, doesn’t have to be human win if the writers have the balls to write it that way. Reason why it would unlikely happen is because the audience is human therefore we wanna see human win. Doesn’t make it right or wrong, it’s just a story outcome. I mean all two or three can survive with the Predator walking away too injured to fight and/or Alien stowing away in some escape ship. Again, I don’t care long as the story is good.

Problem with wanting this is also understanding the fact that it can ruin the remaining mystique of the Predator that probably wouldn’t satisfy everyone. You and many others will have their own idea of how a Predator thinks, their inner culture, and motions. Showing that off on the big screen will have people bash with one another, not satisfied with what they were shown VS what they had in mind. Predator Concrete Jungle is the only story that I know that had people agree with a Predator POV and that is because it had a sympathetic goal of reclaiming lost honor and seeing a Predator tear shit up against humans more fucked up than the Predator in a cyberpunk city. Feel like anything else more complex will just lead to failure. Would be happy to be proven wrong tho.

Predator Hunting Ground’s lore is 10xs better than The Predator lore. I’ll never accept that garbage and thank god that PHG also shat on that and made the Predator series more interesting again.

Also, it doesn’t have to be grand universal lore akin to Lord of The Rings, just enough to make Predators and their hunting of humans and other alien races interesting to follow. Prey was enough for people to wanna see Predators hunt in other time periods or even in non human stories, and the Predator doesn’t have to die all the time. Can be a Predator win or a draw, introduce some element that allows the Predator and main character to walk away. Shit can be done, don’t see why it has to be not this.

TLDR: I get where you are coming from but the series can get better as I’m just not a complete Negative Nancy.