I have just read an article informing that Disney is rebooting Predator franchis, in order to erase The Predator from canon… Your thoughts Ladies and Gentelmen?

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I thought this game did that

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Have a look, I thought this is describing The Predator from 2018… nope - it specifically says Disnay wants to delet that film from canon and start all over

Disney is gonna destroy this like they did starwars


God damn it.


Do you think if we will set some one on fire Fire, it would be enough to make them to change their minds???

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Good thing is, they want to erase this bulshit from 2018… however, looking at what happend to Star Wars… yes you are right, this franchise is good as dead

You say that but if it wasn’t for Disney we wouldn’t have clone wars season 7, rogue one, mandolorian, upcoming Kenobi series and more. Disney definitely didn’t destroy star wars.


Incoming predator actually not being able to kill any actual actor in the movie… except throwing him around and taunting him… until a child decapitates him XD…

Jokes aside they will make predator a plushy rather than a hunter he actually is… like damn son… predator is a sort of anti hero… rather than just an enemy… it has his own life and he does it for the hunt and challenge… rather just for destruction lol… its just dumb that they will end up making a movie that he fails to do so xD…

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Is there anything in modern entertainment disney does not own?

You’re telling me you don’t want a predator plushy?



OwO u shoo cwute … snuggles



No uwu

Notice mi shenpai~ UwU

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I wish you hadn’t post this. Now I’m sad.

Whys that? @sictireanu

I think it could go either way. Disney have been hit and miss with Star Wars so far, but no one can deny that Rogue One and The Mandalorian are awesome.
If they plan it properly and take their time with it, I think they could pull of something decent. An ‘Apocalypto’ style uprising story about the Alpha Predator could be pretty cool 🤔

Because it’s Disney… And being owned by Disney it means the movies will continue to include, just like The Predator 2018, shit jokes and scenes. But especially shit jokes that would make retards go HAHAHA in the cinema.
AKA movies for mall people.

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But malls have good shit. XD.
Theres a really good lil Japanese restaurant at my mall lmao.