DLC Exclusivity Poll

@TheKingofPredators wants a poll so here it is.
Do you think that DLCs should have more weapons and gear, but are forced to use only that loadout and no other classes can use any of those weapons or gear? (For example City Hunter comes out with a speargun and special combistick, and a longer but quiet healing kit, its wrist launcher, and an item vision mode. You cannot trade out any weapons for a smart disc or bow, and no other class, [Like Alpha, Scout, or Samurai] Can use the Speargun or the rest)

  • Yes, that sounds like the right thing.
  • No, I’m not an idiot.

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Only if pred gets more long range weapons. Right now it’s bow, and disk, and HHPC, combi being somewhere in the middle. I’m pretty sure that noone uses the CH ‘rocket launcher’ seriously. It needs a buff. Disk became more widely usable after this update and HHPC is too weak. Otherwise plasma will be spammed even more.

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So you’d be fine with DLCs that offer the spear pistol, but you can only use it on the new class, and that class will always use it?

To clarify, this is compared to the new DLC class offering the same spear pistol as an early access that everyone will get next update and you can choose which class gets to use it or not.

Im fine with it if it means more weapons. So far new long range pred weapons have been inexistent. Plus, the new weapons would be made to be quite effective as it’s the only option for the pred in question.

Gear should be optional though, to fit more playing styles. You gotta have a plan B and maybe plan C

Hold on hold on. You still get the weapons, regardless of which way you vote. Voting yes means that only that class gets those weapons, voting no means that every class can use it. And it doesn’t make the weapon any less or more effective. Its the same weapon.

And gear is not optional is you pick ‘Yes’. There are no options when picking the DLC class.

Picked no. This encourages a Pay2Win model.

We havent recieved a new long range weapons in forever. If they were tied to a class, Val, Viking, Samurai would have one each. I don’t see illfoinc being stimulated to release new long range weapons if it’s not tied with a new DLC class. Its a different issue, but that’s how I look at it. Yours is a hypothetic, but we face a different reality so far.

Should I change the example so its a scythe and twin swords to keep the ranged weapons out of this poll?

Im not sure. Melee is still not a very viable option. Most preds win with range. Its important for a pred to have a good long range option besides a PC in my opinion.

Perhaps I’m being a bit of a troublemaker. Noone else raised concerns so don’t concentrate on my opinion too much. Carry on as is

Those choices certainly offer a clear bias, it’s a bias I agree with… carry on.

I completely agree. We need more ranged weapon options. The poll isn’t about the weapon itself, its about the new weapons, ranged or not, bound to a single class.

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But it would still allow pred to equip a secondary weapon of a player’s choice?

no it specifies in the example
the city hunter can ONLY equip the speargun and the combistick and the Wrist launcher and silent medkit

actually a garbage idea that limits customization and simplifies counter play

cause if CH was/is a top tier class even with this equipment FT could always 100% of the time know what CH is taking in to the match and counterpick builds appropriately

Yeah it is. I don’t think anyone will be honestly swayed by it, but if they are, I’ll take it.

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Thanks, my reading and comprehension is not on par right now.

I vote yes because it will give illfonic to make more formidable preds so the DLC sells.

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You lost everyone here but ill pick the contrarian vote

That’s what PredatorKing is advocating for. Thats the purpose of the poll. To prove to him that his exclusivity idea is moronic.

Some people have 5+ peed builds right now and specializations add even more variety. Maybe it won’t be so bad

Oh, that reminds me. PredatorKing states that this stupid idea adds variety.