Drakos Vs Buddha Never Happened So We Did This Instead

For everyone’s entertainment: me @Fire @Drakos @Kalypsio @VENN7eance in a few matches yesterday.

When you want to prove you’re the best Predator but it doesn’t matter cause you’re a weeb.


If we all 4 have mini guns…

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The Godfather, Forest Gump then we find out you’re a weeb.


Oh shit this seems hella fun, what are y’alls psn you guys seem chill

Hey fuck you I’m holding the skull at the end asking the eternal question.

To weeb?
Or not to weeb?


UltraMint7 is mine

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Nice, the bad thing is if I play with you guys my mic is broken and always pops, kinda sucks

Lol get a new 1 when you can. I had to get a new 1 recently.

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Don’t fucking lie Fire. Your PSN is UltraWeeb69


Yeah, it sucks being a broke ass

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Fuckin weebs
(if you know, you know)

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Go grab a Turtle Beach Recon 70.

They are like 50 bucks and are an amazing headset for that price point.


Welp there goes the thread. Hope you dont get banned xD


I’d be down for going against y’all. Just saying.

Also, PS4 Player here.


Lol gimme your psn il add you. I honestly thought you were pc lol

I’m down @Fire as long as it doesn’t end up turning into a ha bro I got you good fiasco that these types of things end up turning into.

Oh it will but only cause we all talk shit to each other, but it’s all just jokes lol.

I don’t think any of us get pissed or take these matches too seriously. I just hope you got a sense of humor lol.


Jesus H. Christ it’s Predator: Frat House.

Good sense of humor?? Absolutely!! Dealing with Drama or Nonsense?? Fuck No!!

I’ll hit ya up via DM @Fire. I’m always down for testing what I’ve learned from the crazy amount of time playing Hunting Grounds.