Dutch Treat

You can see how I will beat all the opponents tomorrow) Today I train


Good luck bro. And stream those training sessions, please. I learn a lot from your tactics, but don’t have the skill to pull them off.

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What were the prizes? I just realized something, i remeber it was 100KV…or something …my question in my head is why?
Anyone else think maybe illfonic are going to up the anti on lots of V based items that can be purchased? I hope this not the case for existing items but i wonder if they are going to make new items cost that much more ?
25,000 for some shaders that I know. If they are going 100k V man, that is going to grind some gears!
But if it is worth it, they better make it goooooood!


Melon shaders 100k V…phhh you know i won’t buy it. LOL!

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You’ll have to play this song everytime you kill a whole Fireteam on your stream!

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how many teams are in the tournament?

4 now

Any streams or recordings of the event planned?

I’ll be streaming

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Sweet. Thanks