Dynamical Objectives - Match objective re-work


Okay this will be probably a sensitive topic to talk about overall no matter if you are a “fireteam main” or a “hybrid player” maybe even a predator main… i personally would call myself a Hybrid cause i first started playing this game and beta as a FIRETEAM main which gives me right to talk about this topic without giving attention to fireteam mains or predator mains.

Umm we are all aware that you as a fireteam have an ability to be a puppet master in the game and not predator, well i will go trough one by one to explain why you as a fireteam person are a puppet master.

First of all i want to point out how this game lacks RNG based on how the mission objectives are scripted and how they are found all on the same place / location on the map, this is the main thing and cause why majority of predators rush and don’t take their time with the match which causes MORE DRAMA and NEVER ENDING CYCLE OF NERFING AND BUFFING both parties.

Now that more of you are aware here i am making yet another topic to let the DEVS know that this needs changing and improving cause now you get to play people who let one guy on fireteam to complete the objectives and let the 3 chase the predator, the main point here is that ONE GUY should not be enough to complete the objective, im talking about there have to be more variation into match objectives like hacking that takes two people, the main thing that needs to exist is to find out your mission… its complete bullshit that what has been briefed to you is the actual mission… there has to be SEARCHING that involves collecting data around the MAP and bringing it back to the mission location… so it would act like a WEB OF OBJECTIVES that can be affected by how well you do them.

I’m talking about actual survival where you need to not make sound and you need to stay mudded and be stealthy and give predator a proper worth time of being in a que for 7-10minutes lol and not just being at one spot and being able to speedrun the mission.

So we can all agree on that the mission can end anywhere between 3-5 minutes tops if the predator does not actually puts on a pressure on fireteam, this game needs to have better interactive hunt than what it has right now, cause what it is right now is you have PREDATOR VS FIRETEAM trying to speedrun one another to not let one do something faster lol which just creates stressful experience and there is no fun to have like a predator who’s only goal is to stop you from speedrunning, and its also annoying for predator to have fireteam whos actually speedrunning and abusive how the whole game has SCRIPTED events and stuff, and all you need to do is just go there before hand… you dont even need entire team lol… only ONE GUY is enough to speedrun entire mission while other 3 are there to keep predator busy… so the predator has no other chance to just use his plasma only lol.

If you are in denial and say my statement of this is false then you are actually in wrong your self lol and trying to keep this game breaking thing in game, the way i see it this is the cancer that if you don’t remove in time it will keep growing and the devs will keep building content around how missions feel right now… and how missions are right now is such utter trash gameplay, i played like 3 fireteam matches right now and all we did was WAIT entire time in this one area and that’s it… and there are actually few missions that take u from one place to another but its still just too quick and it like gives nobody a worth of their time to just keep playing…

The DEVS and COMMUNITY has an opportunity to not make the gameplay repetitive right this moment, im calling everyone to use their brain and try their best to GET OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE and decide what is honestly the best for everyone and majority to not have repetitive gameplay.

Okay so what i had in plan is… each match will have its own dynamical flow of objective locations, where every new match you play is different from like the ones you previously played… you might get like 1 or two same objectives from past 5-10 matches, but if devs really try to create like a lot of variation in the objectives then you will see it be lower count in that.

For all of this to be possible the devs will need to re-work bit by bit of each key mechanic in game, so it will be hard task but it will be worth it, the Target Isolation would need to be re-worked, same with how long the matches go for, preferably they will last up to 30 minutes to give u like enough time to either decide to HUNT the predator or just exfil. I made few re-works that would make this possible btw…

@OldKingHamlet @Courier i call upon you guys to be part of this and actually save this game from dying young rather let it live for few more yrs or even live longer, cause what this game needs is DYNAMIC gameplay rather than STATIC gameplay. Let the devs know people are starting to get bored of scripted events and they seek for DYNAMICAL missions that eliminate chances of fully speedrunning rather it will involve needing more skill for both sides to use their skill.


We don’t need RNG

A. Stealth would be aweful. We’ve already seen what it’s like

B. We just need longer missions

If you say I’m wrong your the idiot, not me…

Great argument dude

Give an example


FTs gameplay loop is completely disconnected from the predator it doesnt matter how long you make the missions if its still just one guy holding the interact button and tapping AI while 3 people cover him like hawks. And occassionally the dumb AI stands infront of someone.

The whole thing is just bad. Like worse than when killers couldnt kick gens in DBD while they were being infinitely looped.


WE already spoke about what type of RNG… the one that is like half RNG that does not involve luck.

This game was suppose to be a sort of dynamical hunting which involves all types of hunt types… but yeah right now what they did to mission objectives is not acceptable even you can agree on that lmao.

Yeah longer missions that can depend on a situation, if you fail to do it properly then you will have to get to EXAMPLE location and bring it back to EXAMPLE location… and if you fail that the mission just continues on… so in all honesty it wont cause fireteam to fail but it will take them longer to just exfil… which gives both sides time to fight one another…

I’m talking about people who come here and just like don’t read it all and say that being able to have one guy to be on objectives while others are like literally making pigs despawn and try to like push predator to corner, that shouldn’t be a thing if you ask me, or at least not in that sort of sense or to be that easy, in the movies the special ops team was being feared of him and hence they died…

Okay so im guessing you are pretty intelligent person based on our interaction on forum, so you are aware that the objectives are pre-scripted by the devs and you only have like 4 scenarios per each map… and there is like what 4 maps? and what it would take an avg person to memorize all of the objectives and take him like half a year or more to realize they can abuse this. cause there is nothing limiting you from actually just like going out your way and ditching your team to pre-set up the location to be able to BRUSH of the time it takes

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As i said, i already wrote re-works that involve better AI, better cloak, better target isolation, better hitboxes and how laws of physics work.

all now that it takes is for devs to make it actually more realistic and playable… than just pure written ideas lol

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Also let me talk about this more… this is why i said to read entire post and try to understand what i visualized, like the reason why you think it would be awful and majority is cause the current Target isolation just easily pin points the fireteam location + the maps are way too small for comfort.

I wrote all the re-works for all of these misconceptions that people may have about this topic aka re-work for objectives. to make sure people wont like decline this re-work… as instantly what comes in people minds is how easily predator can find out fireteam location.

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That wasn’t countering your entire point, just your point about stealth being added to extend the match.

Yes but

A. It was still RNG based, one of your examples was an objective possibly spawning in another compound or spawning in the same compound, maybe you want to take that example away but that was one.

B. Branching paths based on performance would be way better as it has zero RNG period (so even if the tail was balanced rng, you don’t get accidental imbalances) and provides dynamic gameplay that’s actively engaged with.

What types of hunting? That’d actauly work for gameplay of course.

Your right they do need improvement

Ya branching paths that depend on the two sides. I feel like we mightagree but your wording things wierdly because that’s not RNG.

Yes… Yes I am


I meant your idea. What is an example of your rng system exactly


Back before LMS the last person would mud up and hide, so successful stealth, the opposite of what your saying, and it was boring for everyone involved except for maybe the last FT.

You do realize that branching paths based on performance won’t cause any imbalance, it will force the more skilled side to win, think of it like chess… you have 30 min to play out your planning… so umm how do i put this…

As fireteam nothing will actually make you fail to win and exfil… it will just like take you longer to actually exfil which gives predator automatically more time to interact with you… and incase he tries to kill you quickly… the predator will obviously get hurt and you have a chance to get away from him and he will have to re-find you… now remember as fireteam you have already completed this first objective and are on to the next one without any AI chasing you or you making noise… so remember, now while predator is healing you as fireteam will have the chance to play stealth mode and give predator hard time to track you… so let me recap what happened in those few minutes of play… you were finishing up on objective, while the predator was tracking you, then he did due to all the noise and alarms and stuff… now he had a chance to either keep stalking you without you guys realizing it and hit you guys while you are fighting the AI or just like stay calm and inspect…

So this is where the paths branch and it would not cause any bad imbalances as you may think, the fireteam will still have a chance to exfil but just with longer time of having to go trough the mission… the predator will have surprise factor on his sleeve if he decides to just inspect and wait and not give out any noticeable points that he is there and stuff… u will kinda be forced to be on your toes incase you get a stealthy predator like from the movies that waits if one person strives away or two…

All kinds of hunting if the DEVS implement proper re-works for target isolation where it would take PATIENCE and SKILL… now remember, the more you make a side take patience and skill the more people will avoid it cause they seek for ALL TIME action… like fireteam… you will now get more fireteam players cause predator would actually need patience and skill and planning to play him properly and win…

Okay let me try to simplify it for you to not find it weird and hard to visualize…

Okay what we have right now are pre scripted events scenarios and same scenario locations…

What i had in mind is for the DEVS to make them SHUFFLE one another where you will get surprised and you will have to like multi task… so like you can pick from multiple objectives that won’t necessarily impact how fast you do the mission… so lets say you decide to go for direct approach for like non stealth way… you will not make noise that much and you will need to not ATTRACT ATTENTION or trigger alarms or fail the hacks or puzzles

So as fireteam you will be prompted to finish idk lets say “gather secure data about smth smth”

Now it will depend on what type and style you guys will decide for… noisy or stealthy… or combined… it will depend on how good you do, and if you fail like objectives or miss something… you will be prompted to retry or gather new intel to finish the main one… that finishes the actual part of the MISSION so you can exfil…

So you will be prompted to collect the clues around the map to unlock these areas and find out what you are looking for…

Okay, let me explain how the game will counter people who just decide to hide, i had few ideas here and there right… but now that LMS is added it would make sense the longer you stay hidden and keep mudding up the more you will emmit the temperature due to all the stress, anxiety, adrenalin

This was taken from Predators 2010… btw when the guy starts the fire to attract the predators to the ship… the devs can make similar thing if one last person stays and camps and tries to troll and make you leave and ruin the fun… the person will get more and more anxious and emit more energy the longer they stay in certain location and not make any progress.

So when you use the re-worked Target Isolation you will be prompted to be able to use 3 scan pulses that can regen over time and cant run out, so this will allow you to show this

interactive map which collects all the data where the possible movement is… and stuff…

This was from AVP 1 when they alerted the predators by unlocking their equipment


The minimap u have in the middle, it will be re-made to present you this slick 3d view from birds perspective, when you activate the scan pulses it will scan for all possible new interactions and scenarios on the map, such as new footprints and where the fireteam is headed… this will kinda be inaccurate and you would have to follow it and like it will allow you to see when you get there how fresh are these footprints


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The camera mission in derailed is a great example. If you get the camera part done it’s a wrap, that is about the only part of the mission that the predator could stop.

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None of this matters. The game will never really be more than it is now. None of our ideas will be utilized in any way, nor are their plans any better than ours.

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This is above my pay grade

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Ya that’s what I’m saying

That’s my idea

Why are you trying to convince me of that?


That sounds aweful. But of course we’ll have this conversation later

That’s not RNG, so why did you mention RNG?

Also I’d rather have stuff like time limits or preds hacking OBJ’s rather than being punished for a playstyle or missing an obvious item.

The problem was never the last FT member trolling the problem was it was boring. The FT would still play and try to win.

(Breathe’s in)

JUST DO IT @Courier @OldKingHamlet

I will say having mission objectives which require multiple people (max of 3) to interact at once will make games longer, because 1 person will have to deal with AI whilst the others do the objective, if 1 person leaves the objective, it gets stopped completely. I’m not saying this will work but it might help.

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No thats what i had in plan too lmfao… i might have worded it wrongly lol

You can just play along based on how the movie went… and like wait until they completed all the missions and before they are on their way to exfil you can intercept them and like surprise attack them…

You can combine stealth and scaring by like making noise but not showing your self until like the end of the match

You can combine stealth and scaring and show your self to scare them even more you will attack any moment now…

You can just go and like play brezerk and test your luck with melee combat and play more offensive strategy by placing traps.

You can play this stealthy offensive with just like firing arrows at them or plasma etc

Yeah i was just giving raw explanation lol… obviously there will be more to that at your heart desire of what you can do as a predator in those 30 minutes max…

I mentioned RNG… cause it would SHUFFLE the scenarios and not make them all the same… and like the locations will be random too based on how you perform… which wont really impact your outcome of exfiling… it will just make match feel longer to you cause you are doing a messy sloppy job and you need to like do better lol for everything to go as smoothly…

There will also be AI patrols that i also had a re-work off… that would patrol and you wont really notice them unless they are like close, so you will either be prompted to fight them or let them pass, if you fight them there is a chance they call reinforcements unless u manage to kill the main guy who is calling them from his radio phone… the main guy would be the captain.

That can be added too to work along side the stuff i proposed, but it wont really amplify the damage… it will just like confuse the fireteam really…

Yeah i mean thats what they are doing right now lol… speedrunning lmfao or try and like have one guy doing mission and 3 hunt you… that sounds boring to me really unless ur into that… but then again there is nothing more to that for others, so yeah it lacks variance and dynamic playstyles and outcomes that all lead to either predator win or fireteam win…

XD is that like a sarcasms cause i keep wanting them to do it? but either way this is not a bad idea and it would make predator less wanted to play for those who wanna play him carelessly… he would need more patience and skill which will balance out the wait time more.

Make sure to like the post to give the devs a green light this will be a fresh and better experience than what we have right now which is repetitive gameplay.

Also yes i agree there needs to be like so much more dynamics in the gameplay such as when you try and hack and do puzzles it will alert the patrol… then you can kinda play dead and make them like stop your hack or smth… and you can continue where you were… or you can kinda like play it with coordinated attacks and not let the captain call for back up that there is a special ops team trying to steal something from them…

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It would already be a huge step if the Missions would get some kind of randomness.
I miss the old days when I didn’t know every mission and would regularly panic about finding the objective while the time is running out and an invisible alien attacks me.