El Diablo Cazador de hombres

E.D.C.H : Trill trill. Trilly trill trill.

Spanish translation: Yo soy el mejor que ay en mi region. E destruyido equipos enteros desde el principio. Si creen que pueden ganar es pura mentira. Les boi adar una paliza que nunca se le olvida.

English translation: I am the best in my region. I’ve destroyed entire teams since the beginning. If you believe you can beat me. It is a lie.

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I may not beat you, but I will give you a good fight.

That’s all I seek. Confident FT waiting for their demise. It’s difficult to find good matches especially with the influx of beginners. Hit me up with a team. Im on PC. ItAintNoMan is my epic id.

PC? oh yeah, you’ll crush me. I have a ps4. But once again, I’ll try to put up a good fight. If i do see a pc predator, I’m no longer on the hunt, I’m running to the chopper.

I also agree with the new players. Not as much fun anymore. At this point, playing against bots would be better.

Believe we can beat you? We’ve beaten you at least twice that i can recall, or in other words 100% of the time.

New players today, good players tomorrow.
In a couple of weeks we’re gonna star seeing some good Preds out there.

In the meantime I’ll have to play with 3-4 versions of my little sister.

Oh no. Your part of those predator killers. I desperately want that skull mane.

Take this time to practice new skills. RN i’m practicing sniper, caise i suck. Bit i’m getting better.

I’m doing that but with the smart disc and the bow as the predator.

That seems to be the strongest loadout for the fools.

Last night, I was playing against a new predator, and i pulled out a mini gun. He looked so confused and paniced

Yet to have the pleasure of unloading a minigun on a Pred. Sounds satisfying though.

You’re damn right it is. But you lose that satisfaction when the mini-gun becomes less accurate, especially when they are running rings around you.

We’re back with this shit again?

Quench my thirst. Where are the capable?