End the ban on DhRauta

It seems a lot of people missed the guy and he was well liked by a lot.

Even tho a few people hated him.

So I say give em another chance.

End the ban on @DhRauta.

All in favor say coconut.
All against say fucking disgusting.

Fucking disgusting


fucking disgusting

All should remember what he did that was so offensive…and he did it knowingly. Not the type of behavior anyone wants to see

It should hurt to read something like that, and if you continue to accept it…you’re not not respecting proper forum social etiquette rules.

What did he do?

That’s fine you didnt like the guy.
But, as for the last section of your comment.
It’s highly up to perception.

He was a bit too much at times,
But I dont think it was too bad.

I dont really care, ppl just seem to be obsessed with him lately.
This is mainly a joke thread following that trend.

Fucking. disgusting.

His ban ends on Halloween

Just in time to talk about the update

Lol the fact that I’m getting ppl to say fucking disgusting brings me joy.

Love that line xD

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No, Fuck him and Fuck these fucking PMC assholes.


Fucking disgusting coconut, 😜

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Fucking disgusting

Illfonic’s house, illfonic’s rules.


Yeah he can be here in spirit, until his resurrection on Halloween.

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I mean no? If he is banned it is for a reason. If someone kills someone and you say, “hey, I liked him” does that mean he gets released from prison?

Lmao you win the game.

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Are coconuts furries?

Cuz that goes so well historically.

Halloween resurrections that is.

Or…him coming back…actually…


Read my earlier comment.
This is a joke thread. Someone started a trend bu bringing him up.
I’m just feeding that cause I think it’s funny.

Whether he gets unbanned or not isnt that important to me.

Dont you dare ruin coconuts.

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