it is true that in melee the fireteam is stronger. but at a distance the predator wins. So I would say equal

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Uh no.
Ft has the advantage in range xD.

Pred has a tiny bit advantage in melee depending on the number of ppl.


Nope… try going against PC death squad with patato graphics - you will get sniped from across the map. With the right perks two or three of these shots will be enough to second wind you. Now try to down a FT from across the map with plasma caster or bow - also 2 or 3 shoots. I wish you luck with that. FT has got the advantage in range due to lack of balistics in this game and unfair graphic system on PC. Also FT perks got a buff


Yes, yes… Let’s try to most broken possible situation. Good thing the rest of 95%+ of games it does not apply.



Graphic settings is not what make fireteam stronger. It’s the incredible damage and hit scan weapons that make fireteam able to outplay pred from range. Predator cant capitalize by a range kill because it’s easy to pick up a downed ft and to kill him you need 4 bow shots. Every thing you can do with low graphic you can also do with high (if you have a decent frame rate). We need optimization because the difference in frame rate from medium to low is abnormal, like 60 frames. Give to ps4 the same option to turn graphic down and we will be fine.

Latley its the other way around… fuck, even I started to exploit this shit XDDDDD

no. lmao i beat predator when it come to distance figthing, i mean hey 1/2 headshot with SAW50 and no biomask, so plasma caster, so nearly no distance predator XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

hey man, look with high quality game the stealth level of the predator cloack XDDD

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yep, so basically the same of low and medium settings ahah

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well the only diff with low settings its jus tthat you can see a bitbetter in distance

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I don’t think the cloaking worked while moving in the movies either. They need to increase the brightness of the cloak a bit from farther away, so it blends better with the brighter backgrounds.

I always have found this ridiculous. Takes one charge shot to down him but 4 shots to kill him in the ground. Makes no fucking sense.

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Lol wait until you get a match at backwater and they stand out in the water with medkits. Promise you guns beat the caster’s travel time. Warehouse, open areas etc.

Can only hope the new map isnt designed so poorly

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Main problem I see with FT is the inmense damage .50 cal rifles do. That shit needs to be nerfed.

In the meantime… those who are complaining about how easy it is with those weapons should stop using them. If you find the game is becoming boring because is too easy, nerf yourself, challenge yourself, get out of your comfort zone.

How many of you have “troll” loadouts as Preds but have no “troll” loadout as FT? I’d say most, if not all.


My troll Jungle Hunter :

I’m death serious right now… I use him in this setup against REAL ppl in public games…

  1. This is the stupidest excuse for obvious mathmatically imbalance in a multiplayer game. Does that stop the other two people on my team from dropping the melee pred on 5 seconds?
    Those broken heroes in For Honor? Just put yourself at a disadvantage and don’t use them lol. Braindead meta loadouts on DBD? Top tier characters with absurd combo strings? Don’t use them ur too cool for meta.

  2. Half of predators weapons are considered a “troll” loadout because they’re melee. The only difference between FT weapons is the time to kill unless 3 of you want to use smokes, thermals, grenade launcher to crash the pred player’s frames on ps4 which is the only truly troll thing I can think of.

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You are the stupidest thing around here.

Play with other friends and have some fun… Or is it that you don’t have friends to play with? Poor kid

Pretty sure you still win a few matches using that. Some players on this game I swear are retards.

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