Everyone is rushing the games

Why is meta for fireteams to just rush objectives and predators to try as hard as possible to wipe them all out as quick as possible?
I feel like this is kinda defeating the purpose for everyone, I always have a lot more fun when games are stretched out, maybe it’s just me tho


Predator main detected.


Lol true that’s how Im able to usually stretch the matches- but I’ve been playing FT all day and it’s just rush and go thru objectives as fast as possible or get killed extremely fast, a long fight is fun but the guys that just end the match in 5 minutes is what I’m talking about

Just me ig lol


There is no point for long play as FT. Focus on mission. Time is on side of Predator.


I just played a match with you lol
I think we’re just different types of players man

Lol as FT or Pred?


We killed the Beast and end of story GJ ^^/

At least you sound like you’re more then a run in guy which in my opionion is better a predator that toys with the fireteam picking them off is better then the guy who jumps in combistick in hand and drops all of them as they try to get each other the longer it lasts the more jumpy you get wondering when the predator is gonna pounce


And all these complaints about knife party idk but imo its simply no where near as effective as before against a predator

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The games destroyed from the get go, illfonic have allowed an machanic (target isolation) for the predator to locate the fire team within seconds of starting match to then get the fire team in a rush mess also with the ingame timer being just 15 minutes dont help either, this machanic target isolation has caused many games to be killed off in a matter of 240 seconds of ingame time, pin pointing the predator exactly where to go and defeats the purpose of the hunt.

I ran test being the predator the otherday and was shocked how spoon feed the predator is to be pin pointed an location of fire team.

You activate it soon as match starts right on the D pad button then a massive pink spot pops up to exactly where fire team are on the small maps.

In theory this game to be balanced has to have as follows.

  1. Predator has thermal vision to hunt prey.
  2. Fire team has mud to counter thermal vision.

Thats balanced but illfonic decides to make it unbalanced for the fire team and this issue will destroy peoples game experience.

Predator has 2x vision which is thermal and isolation vs fire team 1x counter which is mud. UNBALANCED.

Im a predator main by the way but that target isolation has to go or gamers will just go, no gamers no matches which will lead to empty lobbies

The game is a mess.

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The FT is rushing objectives because the devs reduced them in the last patch for some reason. Predators are trying to rush in and kill everyone quickly because of this. Most of my games end on the last objective or the chopper and it’s really stressful because I have no clue how many objectives the FT managed to rush through while I was trying to hunt them. Each time the FT moves from an objective, I pray that it somehow wasn’t the last one.


Well obviously yes

As playing nothing but pred for a week or 2, i stretch the match out if i can. Reason being is cuz the q times are crazy for pred. Even waiting 5 min can extend to 10/15 if the game does that ‘placing’ then ‘connecting’… which just goes back to matchmaking/limbo connecting

(Playing on ps4)

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no you dont activate it soon as the match begins you LIAR! lol. it has a charge up time and cooldown you are exaggerating and making things up. this isnt the reason for empty or bugged lobbies the matchmaking is broken and they need to fix or fine tune things on the backend. lol @ destroy peoples game experience. my god man. you have this ingrained into your head or what good grief. you do not activate it soon as the match begins il say it again. the game already has mud to counter what you even talking about put it on right at the beginning job done. that is not unbalanced how the game is now. pred main … sure dont sound like it the way you keep clamouring for this


I actually try my hardest to stretch the match out when I’m playing predator, but my speed really is governed by how fast the FT complete objectives, if they move fast then it sort of forces me to move in on them quicker so I don’t run the risk of them escaping.


I rush the objective considering the following:

  • I play with folks I don’t know, additionally not everyone using mics. So I can’t really discuss what strat we’re going to apply. Not to mention what role each member of the FT will take upon him/herself. So unless I’m on comms with them or the pred player is straight forwardly playing without tactics. I’m not going to divert from the main focus of the gamemode.

  • Following what I just said, the main focus of the gamemode is to do the objectives and extract. I’m the one being hunted in the process, I will attempt to fend off the hunter and extract. If I and my team mates are able to kill him. That’s a nice amount of bonus points and I suppose for some people bragging rights. But that’s about it …

  • 15 minutes are too short to mess around for either FT or Pred to have a “good hunt”. Especially if you can’t discuss a certain strat pre-game due to aforementioned reasons. I wish we could like create a custom game, list them publicly and allow folks to filter for said game and join it. I too struggle with how short the game is and how I can’t get more time to enjoy not only the environment but also the thrill of the hunt.

  • I feel that the current maps are a tad too small to justify game modes that last longer than 30 minutes. The Pred is faster, can leap great distances and has superior tracking capabilities. Therefore it can scan out an FT’s location rather quickly if in the hands of an experienced player. So I’m hoping they will release larger maps or look into the sizes of the current maps and enlarge them. To top it off perhaps just create a survival mode with larger maps.

  • The balance is there, it just requires some fine tuning and some extra elements to make class / weapon choices matter more than they do now. I’m sure playing this with a heap of friends will provide a very fun time. Which what a videogame should be all about (fun).

  • More than anything the matchmaking is a top priority on the list of fixes. Because that cold feeling of wiping in a match and having to wait 2 to 5 to 10 mins just ruins the flow of the game to me. I’ve just been avoiding playing the pred just due to the way the wait time is.


The 15 minute match times make me feel pressured to over rush hubts/missions. I wish I could set the timer myself in Private Matches at least just so I could have the time to be methodical as Pred or more thoroughly search for Vdrops and stuff as well as complete all my objectives as FT. Pred needs to earn Veritanium from kills/trophies to compensate for FT getting drops. As is when you are grinding for loot boxes and gear, you are forced to play FT because Pred gets SO much less currency. Please boost Pred currency gain based on both AI/FT kills with some scaling increase based on threat/value of trophy just like the FT have different values of Vdrops.

Thermal and TI are bother countered by the same thing: mud.

Time it takes for me to either kill Ft or Pred will determine the lenght of game

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