Excavation(day) frames drop horribly(stutters) when getting shot by plasma weapons and also when looking at the sun!!

PS5-Just can’t believe this hasn’t been fixed yet excavation is literally unplayable at least take it out of the rotation like you did with backwater i back out every time i see im playing on excavation 🤦🏽‍♂️


Totally agree, but they say they can’t re-create the issue. I’ve had this issue for MONTHS and we have gone through many updates and hotfixes and NOTHING. I feel it’s even worse than before!!


They can’t recreate the issue?? It happens every single time doesn’t it?? That’s the most crazy thing i ever heard… does it not happen on pc maybe they need to test it on a playstation??? If not then take it out of rotation dumb illfonic devs man 🤦🏽‍♂️

@AlexManzo Thank you for the video I will get our QA team to look at the issue an attempt to replicate the problem.


PS5 here. I don’t have FPS drop anymore since this last update.

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I used to say “thanks”, but you guys have said that and the “We are aware of the issue” thing during the last months… I’m just not buying anymore. For the record, my other 2 friends (PS4 Pro and Slim if I’m not wrong) I play the game with, have the same issue.

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I know!!!

I really wanted to buy the Emissary, but this time, I won’t and if I’m asked, I will persuade other people not to. I really think the game needs to be fixed before releasing dlc characters and stuff.

You have to chech your PS bro. That was fixed for me on this patch. Will post video if i can.

Here it is. No FPS drop.

It got even worse on my end. Right after the update. And it only happens on Excavation. Can’t be my PS.

PS5 right?

No, 4 pro

Not quite the same thing, but still more than enough to run this game smoothly.

Can you change the FPS limit in game settings?

I get the same thing.

Yeah I think it’s fixed for me too at least so far

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I have been dealing with this for months!!

Same, I haven’t been on Excavation day yet tho so I don’t know if it’s still happening

I don’t know how but i played on it twice yesterday and it seems to be fixed… wasn’t mentioned in patch notes so im assuming with the new patch it just fixed itself… somehow 🤷🏽‍♂️