Family Recipes

Talk about some family recipes you guys have!

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My family was a recipe for disaster.



10/10 best recipe.


This comment chain was so unexpected that it made me drop my phone


I’d ask my dad, but he still hasn’t gotten back from going to get groceries. It’s been 36 years.



My wife has an awesome brownie recipie…

But I think we need to COOK up something to mend VENN7ence’s Jerry Springer situation xD (jks)

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Okay so what you want to do is get a bath tub and fill it half way with lye then start to slowly poor the hydrocor…

Ohhhh you talking about food 😓😓.
Bacon egg cheese hardroll bam best sandwich ever


Since I don’t have any I steal my recipes from other unsuspecting families

Here’s one for Tacos de lengua

Take a big beef tongue
Wash it and toss it in a slow cooker along with a big whole onion and a few cloves of whole garlic, a small handful of peppercorns, several dry bay leaves and cook on low for 12 hrs

Once cooked take the tongue out and make a slit down the entire length and peel the outside layer away

Dice and remove any blood vessels you find and salt to taste

Serve on small corn tortillas with diced onions/cilantro with lime wedges

Que rico!!

Muy authentico!!

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for some reason

doesn’t sit well with me

Here are the top 3 family dishes I love:

  1. Pan Fried Venison With Biscuits And Gravy. (This is the dish I make best)
    After a successful deer hunt, take the venison and pound it into little patties, batter them with eggs, flour, and cornmeal, and pan-fry it to perfection. The biscuits and gravy are also homemade, with the gravy being made in the same pan after frying the venison for extra flavor. I can confirm that venison tastes better when it comes from your own successful hunt!
  2. Classic Pot Roast
    Take a chuck roast, sear it, put it in a pan, add sliced potatoes, carrots, onions, and creme of mushroom soup, then cover with tin foil and roast until it is done/vegetables are soft. Results in tender meat and great flavor in the vegetables. Absolutely delicious and easy to make.
  3. Pulled Pork With Beans And Coleslaw
    BBQ a pork butt on low and slow until it is fall off the bone tender. While it is cooking prepare baked beans by mixing the canned beans, red pepper, bacon, bbq sauce, hot sauce, and mustard, then bake in oven until done. Coleslaw can vary, but add a bit of cayenne pepper for some spice. Best to make in large batches for freezing back or a giant cookout.

Most gringos say that lol it’s ok

It’s one of the best cuts of beef if you can get past the mental block

For extra flavor pan fry the meat until slightly crispy

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My recipe is interchangeable with beef cheeks

Really any meat lol but I prefer the ones I mentioned

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My Italian-American grandmother taught me her pasta sauce and lentil soup recipe. I make both often and would not share the recipe as I consider it a secret family tradition.

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Im going to make pasta sauce for the first time sometime soon

This guy’s recipe is close to my grandmas.

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Dont have family recipes but there are a few sweets that I make either from youtube vids or other websites. I make decent crepes with cottage cheese, a two layer mousse cake, a graham cracker and pudding cake, cream puffs. My mum makes really good perogies though I don’t know the details and borshch soup

I like borchst