Fear Factor

Let’s be honest I love this game but does it scare you or add any fear whilst you are playing the game?

1-10 what rating would you give the fear factor in this game and what would do you to make it scarier?

I really think the devs should implement some sort of weather system or a day/night/dusk cycle into the game.

picture this, you start the game with the in-game timer at 20 mins and the sun is high and you set about your missions and as your walking through the jungle you notice the clouds coming in and a spot of rain with a lightning flash through the sky and thunder following just shortly after and in the slight distance clicking in the trees. or remove the rain and just add the thunder and lightning

Another one the sun is setting and you notice it’s getting darker and you can’t see much apart from the torch from your gun and the shadows from the trees, etc and then there is movement in the trees that you can see and the odd leaf falling and branch shaking that you hear and clicking and you are desperately trying to get to the camp, where there is lighting to escape the darkness and the predator hunting you.

as the night starts to fade and dusk sets in your head for the chopper and wait while the sun is rising for the chopper to come, hoping the predator doesn’t get you.

maybe a siren goes off when the predator has landed on the map so make the ft come in first on the choppa and deploy the predator afterward as the 20 min timer would suit this or a radio comm comes in that the predator has been seen in the jungle and is nearing your location.

this might sound daft but if anyone can think of anything better then please go-ahead


We are an elite unit of Dutches. What fear factor? Dutch is actively hunting PREDATORS (not the other way around)! We know what the predators are, we know their weaknesses and so on. In movies single humans defeated predators! In Predator 2 the black cop was chasing the Predator as he was running like a little bitch! LoL! We also have plasma weapons!

This is not “that” type of game. You’re looking for dead by daylight.

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If that’s the case then no exfil win condition. If you’re not scared there’s no reason to run for the chopper.


Its a game mechanic. If that would be so we would just drop the mission and hunt the predator. Again, game mechanic. I would not be against it but it would require a whole new game mode with different rules.

PS. On both sides many things are not “normal”. For instance if I am mud up, pred should not be able to see me, like at all (at least going by the movie, I am no lore buff).

Both Predator movies are SF/Action, not horror movies.

Debatable in regards to it not being a horror movie. I find the prospect of invisible 8ft aliens hunting people with the sole intent of tearing their spines out to take home and mount on a wall as a conversation piece and decoration quite terrifying personally.

Predator should be feared

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Its not really debatable. Check the tags. Its action/sf.

Predators should be feared… Humans should be feared… More like Predators/Humans should be respected as dangerous creatures. Again, humans killed predators in movies, in fair 1v1 melee fights.
The biggest advantage preds have lies in their tech and unknown, once humans know how they tick they do far better. Like Dutch at the end of the movie.

I’m never really going to be scared playing a video game, however, the threat level from the predator is definitely better with the new specializations.


Not gonna lie that first week or so the clicking kinda freaked me out.

Now it just means it’s time for the fun to begin. Back at launch though and when you’re less experienced, definitely some “oh shit” moments


You heard clicking at launch? All I remember where “boom, boom” as the zerker was running with the combistick flooring the entire team. Then we learned how to parry and shoot and… Well… You know… :)

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That’s absolutely right. It would be nearly impossible to prevent the fear factor from subsiding As you become more comfortable with battling the predators, however, as long as there is a chance that a thoughtful and patient predator might take you down quickly, there will always be at least some suspense.



Didn’t run into a lot of zerkers in the early days honestly. Fucking scouts and hunters mostly

0 - when i play as fireteam
3 - when i plas as pred

Before when i started at beta

3 - as firetean
0 - as predator


Yep…these days a good match as pred I need a damn smoke and a beer

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Did you watch Angry Joe’s review? I started playing around when berserkers started to be around (lvl requirement) and decimating teams. Then they got nerfed, people got weapons and skill and the zerger/combistick was the worst class/melee weapon :)

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Im gonna start running zerk again if they remove the limit lock on specializations for each class lol.

I will run it and play him like a hunter and scout instead as tank.

I did that already back when fireteam was op af and zerk was good for taking up bullets lol

I predicted every single outcome for the game yet people still treat me as clinically insane.

I have said that if devs keep hand feeding fireteam and other people with these little BS about equality, people will start believing that this is not even an asymmetrical pvpe game… and look what happened everyone wants to execute me for proving them wrong XD.

Like i legit said… that preds have no time to actually play as preds… they only have time to rush play and be annoying af.

With that being said i also warned that pred gear will be useless as u dont also have time to properly use it as its pretty much useless and basic and most of it people can break out of easily.

I used to be able to like actually utilize the entire match time and waste it till its 3 minutes everytime cause people were scared… but now they are annoyed by the whole thing…

Its either u kill pred and exfil or i kill 2 mates and other 2 give up

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I mean at this point, I’m okay with hunt being fast paced intensity. Even if it’s not what I wanted or had in mind. A slowed down version could be another game mode or a modified version like hard-core mode or something if the player base is high enough to suffer the que split comfortably

Right now the most powerful melee build is the one for classes that have Ghost. That + heavy axe = 1 shoot on most classes or if you soften a support+thick skin just a bit he is dead just as well. Does insane damage. I guess you could try samurai with ghost.

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As OP as it sounds on paper that you can one shot just about every body with the axe, honestly you deserve it if you get hit by it.
Seriously, you graduated the Prometheus school of running away from things if you get tagged by that thing. It’s so easy to avoid

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