These are suggestions from my previous post but since there were some additions to the game, I have added some new things:

  1. Predator should have more cutscenes, for example:
    a) when whole Fireteam is killed but Predator didn’t claim anyone, there should be a cutscene with skinned bodies with Predator standing above them “clicking” or using mimicry,
    b) “opening cutscene” where spaceship decloaks and Predator shows up,
    c) “opening cutscene” where Predator is “admiring” previously claimed trophy and is startled when hears another chopper coming.
  2. Add more mimicry lines: “It’s a trap”, “Shit happens”, “Anytime”…
  3. Change JH87 and Captured healing roars to be accurate.
  4. Add more ranged weapons and gear for the Predator: speargun (iconic, it’s a must), energy flechette, plasma mines, remote bombs, falconer drone…
  5. Remove roar from audio decoys.
  6. Remove perks and specializations that affect damage boost or damage reduction for both sides (Fearless, Down Range, Impenetrable, Ironside, Yautja’s Bane, Flesh Ripper, Body Armor, OWLF Trained), add perks/specializations that affect/change gameplay on both sides (perfect examples are amphibious, tracker, disciplined), some ideas: water doesn’t affect Predator (amphibious variation for Predator), faster boar eating animation (could be added to Medic perk), indestructible Predator mask/gear (specialization, mask automatically falls of when Predator downed), Predator heals to full health from Second Wind (Field Medic Predator specialization)…
  7. Rework broken mechanics: spotting, parrying.
  8. Add perks/specializations for Predator that can counter fireteam’s new gear: anticloak grenades, scanner…
  9. Since fireteam can destroy Predator equipment for good, add a feature that Predator plasma based weapons can disable fireteam weapons for a few seconds.
  10. Reinforcement is a punishment for Predators, make successful reinforcement refresh Predator gear, mask health and overall health.
  11. Add fourth specialization for every Predator class.
  12. Change roars for Falconer and Mr. Black to be movie accurate (default roar and healing roar).
  13. Since Berserker and Isabelle are the worst classes right now, increase their perk points.
  14. Increase perk points for Exiled.
  15. Make Hook a separate melee weapon, it’s not a variant like Combistick (reskin/remodel), it is a completely different weapon.
  16. Add perks for Predator that increase his movement speed and overall health (Thick skin and Double Time equivalent).
  17. New classes for Fireteam: Mike Harrigan (it’s a must), Royce (it’s a must), Machiko, Blain, Billy, Dillon, Mac, Poncho.
  18. New classes for Predator: Tracker, Scarface, Scarab/Nightstorm, Ahab, Cracked Tusk. All of them are: it’s a must.

Continuing point 6 about specializations, below are some ideas about Predator specializations that changes gameplay and don’t give flat damage boosts:

  1. Amphibious - water doesn’t affect Predator
  2. Field Medic - healing from second wind brings back full health, healing animation is as fast as with Medic perk
  3. Boar Master - +50 % more boar spawns, Predator with melee can do a “clean kill” on boars so they don’t do death scream, when Fireteam kills boars, they still do death scream
  4. Advanced - indestructible Predator biomask, gear and discs, biomask automatically falls of when Predator downed
  5. Prepped - Reinforcement refills Predator’s used gear, fixes damages to the biomask and refills health

When I will come up with something new, I will add more ideas

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just gonna piggyback off of your thread

Don’t expect any of these changes anytime soon. Not with Illfonic behind the wheel. Maybe have a years worth of support left for this game

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this exists in the game already. WTF are you going on about?

Why do you exhaust so much effort on this?

maybe in your hacked version


this is redundant!

fak u fire!

I would like more cutscenes

I would like microcomputers to come to life for all predators that have a display on top