field medic.

Field medic needs to be removed.
This shit is beyond broken and unfair.

Deadly as well, and assault bullet damage increase needs to go as well.

Seriously feild medic makes downing ppl irrelevant.
Right now these are the main balance problems.

@Courier @OldKingHamlet dont need to respond but seriously.

This is a huge part of the severe serious imbalance we have atm.

@REYNOSO_FUA11 @VENN7eance @TheETgamer and whoever else I cant remember.


Field medic is def the most op trait but bro the sniper spot where you move slower when spotted is ridic it can slow you for up to 21 seconds b4 going on CD

I think it’s worse than deadly leader or any of the specs that increase FT dmg

You could convince me th xlposion one is more op cause unavoidable cooked grenades

Or the 20m 20% support dmg reduction


I havent noticed a severe detriment to pred with that perk, but I know it’s pretty strong.

I feel like spotter I think it’s called just needs a nerf maybe?

But the ones that I mentioned I feel just need to go.
Mainly just feild medic.

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Field medic absolutely does or put it on the lower hp classes actually I wouldn’t be so mad about it if the field medic didn’t potentially have 200hp and self rez syrettes and regular syrettes making them essay to much of a commitment to bring down

You don’t need the field medic specialization if no one on your team ever gets downed


Totally agree. I run either Support with Field Medic, or Assault with Deadly and it’s not even funny the fuckery I pull off. I can revive a player with 100 extra health faster than a Predator can come and claim. Plus I’m given the squad that 20% damage reduction so it feels extra cunty when the Predator puts in all that effort to down a team member and I just run up and kiss their forehead, revived and dandy.

Assault with Bane and Deadly using GOSL just melts Predators super easy. I don’t feel any threats as Fireteam.


You right.
But damn near everyone is using it now lol.

I think it should take no less than 5 secs to rez a person.

I’m tired of them just touching the downed ft and they get right back up.

I feel field medic is as bad as full roof slam damage tbh.

Like no joke.

I just think it shouldnt be longer than one full charge plasma shot however long that is revive should be half a second shorter or the same time

Yup, had a squad where two of them were running Field Medic, the Dutch was running Leader and he Assault had Deadly… So those two Support classes got dealt with as a matter of upmost priority. It was a sweaty match that went the full length, two survived to call the chopper but thanks to the AI they never made it… Having to depend on the AI feels hollow, but they have that super aim and probably better DPS than the Pred.


We are in such perfect agreement on this, it weirded me out reading your post.

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Considering it takes two full charged shots to kill a downed person I do.

For this game with all the shit ft has, reviving people faster is the one thing ft shouldn’t get.
Nor should they get more health than what they would normally get.

And if were keeping the rez speed than lower the amount of times they can get rez to one.

Cause right now it’s just damn ridiculous.

At the very least, it shouldn’t be able to stack with Dexterous.

I’m just tired of seeing people survive off gimmicks.
Its bullshit.

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Yeah filed medic is broken lost matches cause of that perk, though deadly just needs to be taken out especially for assault they allready have to bullet damage increase perks, Bane and there passive.


Field Medic could revive 3 downed teammates faster than a Predator can do anything about it, prove me wrong.


Can’t prove facts wrong.


Field medic is OP but not impossible to deal with. I’ve beat some sweaty teams that were using field medic. When you down one person, you have to aim for the person reviving them instead of trying to finish off the downed person.

By the way, I haven’t been home to upload the video, but I confirmed in private match that Dutch 87 with thick skin, OWLF, and mudded next to a support can survive two fully charged direct hits with the plasma caster.