Final Rebalance Request

Before you end support for the game could we get a final rebalance. I’ll try to keep changes to a minimum.


  • Remove sound bubbles from in game voice chat (it puts newer players at to large of a disadvantage)
  • Sawz50, starting damage reduced from 252 to 201
  • 1011-12 firerate limited to 6.5 rounds per second
  • Grimtech19 firerate limited to 9 rounds per second
  • Field Medic revive increased to 3 seconds
  • Standard revive reduced to 3 seconds
  • “short missions” either deleted or joined to other “short missions” to create longer missions
  • Add 15 health to Dutch 2025
  • Change Isabelle’s increased damage start from 50 to 25m and add 3 perk points


  • Add 20% damage resistance while sprinting to all predators
  • Less blood “glow,” especially before losing more than half your health, specifically to help predator players on night maps (see images below)
  • Increase Biomask Health by 50%
  • Overall, quieter movement sounds, especially in the trees, and shorter and less frequent clicking
  • Axe Heavy damage reduced to 87 plus bleed and light attacks slowed 15%
  • Add to Smart Disk a minimum turning radius that can’t be over ridden by sensitivity settings or DPI
  • Add bullet damage resistance to Berzerker
  • Add 5 damage to every Katana Attack and make the first Heavy Attack unable to be parried
  • Add Heavy Attack to standard War Club

“Blood glow” example



Honestly an over all damage reduction on ft Is what’s needed.

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F i x. D a. C l o a k.
A d d. M o r e. G o r e.


Dont need more gore.

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This 👆
I’d even say 80 an that’s still more than the rest of heavy attacks (I believe), or keep it strong, but make it slow again.

Wouldn’t object to better cloak and predator being WAY quieter.


I would add a nerf the to the pay to win Dlc class Dante and a form of buff to the Predator specifically for night maps due to the disadvantage.


I guess, for like professional competitive balance.

Honestly, the Bow, Plasma Pistol, and Disk are very strong right now. Also the Axe is extremely strong, and the Hook - War Club, Alpha Sickle, and Elder Sword are all good enough.

At this point, I’m less interested in achieving perfect “competitive balance,” and more interested in getting rid of the cheesy stuff that ruins the casual fun, and buffing some characters and weapons that are left useless compared to other choices.

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I don’t think they will touch his stats.

I like that. Added.

Less blood “glow,” especially before losing more than half your health

What about brighter regular vision for the pred on night maps. As it’s stands if you go into SW or get your mask shot off you’re done.

To escape to heal one might need medic or a class with enough stamina to put good distance from the chasing FT.

With mask off you are screwed unless you on PC and lower the graphics.

Maybe make night so dark for the FT they are forced to use the night vision, pred wont stand out so much on it.

That’s tough. There are motion sensors, and the fireteam is somewhat noisy when they move. More mask health might help. If the map is too bright, then it somewhat defeats the point of having night maps. Even on day maps, losing your mask is going to make winning near impossible.

Losing your mask during the day will ramp up the difficulty however losing your mask on most of the night maps especially HQ is a death sentence. Like Sam said, maybe make the night maps dark nearly everywhere but the camps forcing the FT to actually use NV.

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I wasn’t really planning on leaving in the near future, but I don’t think Illfonic will be supporting this game much longer. I just hope they don’t leave it in its current state.

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If one wants to compare this to Friday the 13th, one of last things the devs did before abandoning it was a buff to Jason of making him go into ragemode quicker, same as in this game when vs premades the teens were op and people brought it up how stupid it was to see Jason get gangbanged by counselors. So yeah one can hope for something.

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Eliminate Support passive of 20% damage reduction and replace with something like ‘decreased bleed out when downed’.

Overall DPS reduction for FT; especially SAWZ.

Reduced damage of the smart disc.

Fix specialization bugs such as Analytic, Leader, and Fanatic.

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